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Husband Responsibility, and Divorce in Dubai, UAE

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Husband Responsibility after divorce

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It is the responsibility of the husband to provide monthly expenses and maintenance to the wife and children. There is no excuse in this if the husband is not performing his duties, as per the state law and as per the religious law. So, if a lady is not getting this support, then she is eligible to register a case against the husband where she has right to ask for the matrimonial rights, the kids expense called as alimony.

A Muslim lady in UAE can ask all such rights as per Sharia Law and a Non-Muslim lady is also eligible to ask as per Sharia Law, which is a state/country law of UAE. Article 1 Personal Status Law UAE, supports the court case in this way. The Lawyer in Dubai having the expertise in Family Law are the professionals to understand this Law & about the consequences. 

Every legal action must supported by a law article therefore a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim woman both have legal rights. But if either of them demands that their law must implemented then Sharia Law will not used for non-Muslims. Sharia Law only used when the other law is silent or not chosen by the applicants. Plaintiff can also ask for the local law implementation, but both parties must convinced on it. As we said above if either party will not agreed then Sharia Law cannot chosen.

The woman has also the right to get separation or divorce whatever she wants. There are differences among separations, divorce and getting the divorce. A Lawyer, for example, Lawyer in Dubai who is an Emirati Lawyer in Dubai can deliver legal services and counselling services better than others. Just check with him who is always by a well-established Emirati Law Firm. Law Firms in Dubai, are the best Law Firms in UAE and the Advocates here are the best Advocates here.

What Does UAE Law Article 124 says?

UAE Law Article 124 says that if a husband is not supporting his woman or he can’t t woman has the right to ask for the separation. This article also says that if the husband is an action that he has insolvent or filled the bankruptcy. He is found wrong then the judge has authority to order for an immediate divorce between the couples. But if there is a genuine issue then the judge can also award some time to the husband for example 1 month to a few months. Usually, the time is one month and time up to a few months is with the consent of the wife. 

Every cheating person will always bluff his wife. Therefore, the matrimonial laws or personal status laws, made strict by every country in this world. We must say these are not strict because the laws. Which made for human beings are always for their betterment not for their loss. But the people cannot win the case alone, deal with this alone. Therefore the laws made and governed by the government itself. Therefore, lawyers and legal consultants created.

We suggest one must find quality lawyers first. We suggest hiring the best lawyers and providing them with the freedom to, defend you. Your involvement without any need will provide a disaster.