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How to make Greek Quinoa Salad?

I remember I have been blogging about the recipes on several platforms for multiple dishes. But on this platform, I don’t have many words about it and I am feeling very excited about this post. That is all okay with me. Each morning I wake up early in the morning, my wife brings me a cup of hot tea delivery online and I read the newspaper and check my emails. Which of course isn’t a good way to start the day.

How to make Greek Quinoa Salad?

Well, I do it every day and I say to myself that I was not there when I lost my loved ones and could not even give final goodbyes to them. I cry out for medical professionals who do not have enough instruments they need. They also wake up in the morning, risking their lives each day, and feel scared but still go to work.

I shed tears for so many people who lost their employment and were fired from their jobs. Who can’t work at home due to their kids playing at home? Those who are with their family at home feel uncomfortable even on a great day. Who have all their savings for life wiped out or are in the midst of pregnancy and scared of catching the virus and dying in the hospital.

That’s how I spend most of my days, checking in on people, and sending funny memes to friends. And going outside when I feel I am happy and want to have some excitement. The majority of my blogs are focused on delicious food home delivery and healthy nutrition.

Since I and my wife, work from home most of the time. We always make more food than we need and eat leftovers the next day. Nowadays, everyone is at home, working from home. Due to current-day circumstances, I get lots of questions about my recipes and new ideas as everyone is staying at home while saving lives and eating all day long.

Hence, I made a quinoa dish yesterday and felt I should put some notes here. I make dinner dishes regularly and put notes here for super easy-to-make dishes.

Eggs Gribiche –  On toast, crashed between a soft bun.

Egg sandwich  – Toasted sandwiches, crispy bacon, and avocado sauce.

Non-veg Tacos Meal – Hope you have some chicken or fish ticks in your fridge! Add some cooked chicken if you want some protein in your food.

Heidi’s Quinoa Patties – This makes a lot of numbers. Make it half and freeze it. You can add in thawed, frozen spinach to make some greens.

For a freshly cooked and tasty Quinoa, mix it in a mesh strainer. Put 1 cup of quinoa into 2 cups of seasoned water. Turn on the simmer and cover it and cook for about 20 minutes until the liquid is disappeared.  Shake it well with the help of a fork. Turn the heat off and let the cover be there for another 15 minutes and it will cool down for the salad below.

The dish is covered well with olives and evenly distributed over the dish, it works out. You can also add vinegar if you like and it will sit down and absorb as you will place it in the freezer.