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How to make and use MUT 21 coins to save your money

Madden 21 has multiple game currencies such as training, points, trophies, and coins. Among them, Madden coins are usually the easiest coins to store in the game and can improve the MUT team. They can be used to buy gift bags or individual player items in the store, both of which can help you increase your roster. In this guide, we will show you how to get gold coins in Madden 21 Ultimate Team.

MUT coins is the game currency of MUT. They can make money by completing many different kinds of game activities. In this mode, the user bar at the top right of most screens displays the current total number of coins. Whenever a user earns or consumes coins in MUT, this total is updated to reflect the change.

When you start Ultimate Team for the first time, Madden 21 will take you to Ultimate Team101. These simple, one-time tasks can bring you to the scene and the scene. They are part of the Challenge single-player game series and can also be found under the main menu’s Play tab. Perform the ultimate team 101 and Rivalz group challenges in the Arcade setting of Madden NFL 21 and the three lowest difficulties in the game (Rookie to All-Pro).

In the starting team of low-level players, all these players can be easily defeated and are in a rookie dilemma. However, when considering simpler or shorter missions, choose Veteran or Full Profession because the total number of stars you get will unlock tiered rewards.

But first, make sure to open any virtual card packs that may come with the game. Everyone will get a Superstar MVP package, which can provide 80 points for cover star Lamar Jackson. Make him the starting quarterback for your team to make Ultimate Team 101 and Rivalz Challenges easier. You can do this from the Team tab of the main menu.

The Rivalz Challenge will depend on how many difficult stars you want to shoot, and the whole process takes about an hour to eliminate. If you make everyone complete the three-star difficulty, you will get about 15K MUT coins, plus a large number of free regular-level players to provide some structure for your team with the help of the challenge’s graded rewards.

Don’t buy a card pack

MUT has various currencies, from training to series one trophy and only real money Madden points, which can be unlocked or obtained for players and other cards. The free cash you earn by playing games is Madden 21 coins, and 5K coins will allow you to attract a random player with a “gold” level with a score of 70 or more. This is a low value for the currency you earn. Such players may not be as influential as you get from these tutorial challenges. Your 5K coins are best spent on specific players or items you want to buy from Ultimate Team’s auction house.

Besides, recruiting your captain mission in the Rivalz Challenge (carried out after Ultimate Team 101) has provided you with 87 players in impact positions to complement Jackson. Choose the player whose part involves what you most want to do (running, catching, or defending).

The player is randomly selected and needs to purchase 5K MUT coins from the Ezmut. You may not need free security protection, you may not need Eric Rowe of Miami, and the score of 71 is of no use.

Better use of your 5K coins is to take them to the auction house, where you can get higher-rated players for the same price or a higher price. You can also determine what you get.

Progress under competitive mode will not transfer

If you start to make progress in the Weekend League on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, MUT Transfer will lock your progress on the previous generation console until you complete the event. If you start to make progress in the Weekend League on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, Trade will lock your progress to the next generation until you complete the event.

The same goes for solo combat. In short, the competitive leaderboard is separated by age. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S gameplay is not eligible for the Madden NFL 21 championship series.

Franchise model transfer details

You can save and export multiple franchises of Franchise Classic and Faces of Franchise to PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S. You will still hold the previous generation console, and you can continue working there, but if you want to keep the new previous generation progress, treat it as a new next-generation import and save.

Every last generation import will be a new next-generation save. It is possible to export directly from the previous generation to the next generation without external files or supporting applications. You can transfer online franchise and franchise faces (only online mode). You cannot move the classic offline franchise.

There is a new star-based reward system in the challenges in Madden 21, which means that the difficulty level in Madden 21 is customizable.

When you choose the challenge yourself, make sure to keep the difficulty high enough, at least three stars.

The difficulty level of the game does make the challenge more difficult. Still, it does affect the challenge, but compared to the challenge at a lower difficulty level, the coins and any other items earned by winning these challenges are much more.

Therefore, when you choose a challenge, make sure to set the difficulty to 3-5 stars and win many gold coins.

If you can’t win a more incredible difficulty, don’t grind because that would make no sense. Choose the difficulty level that best suits you and play the game with this difficulty.

Most Quicksell items can choose to sell a small number of coins immediately. The Coin Up program allows users to earn a lot of Coins based on real NFL games.

The second step for auction houses to get more MUT coins in Madden 21 is to play and learn about auction houses. Even if you know how it works, you must learn to take advantage of the rich or the lazy. Always pay attention to players whose prices are too high and too low. Whenever you participate in the bidding, buy low-priced cards and refuse to pay the full fee.

Besides, you must never participate in auctions that include crazy bids. Always remember that our goal is to take advantage of the rich and lazy, so don’t become lazy and give up cards at a low price just because you want those MUT coins to be returned to yourself as soon as possible. Only keep cards that are good for you. If you have unused cards, please flip them, but for profit.

Packaging Avoid the temptation of wasting your MUT tokens to buy packaging because you will lose more money and the most. This is an addictive habit that is difficult to change. The only time you should consider buying packaging is when EA is doing packaging promotions, you can get something decent from it.