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How to deal with HP Printer Error C4EBA341?

HP printer error C4EBA341 is a common printer error on HP devices that occur due to cartridge issue. While taking a printout, if your cartridge can’t move freely; the printer stops printing and an error message displays. HP devices are known for good performance. If your HP printer is showing an error then you must fix it asap. You can ask the HP technical team or can try a few manual methods for troubleshooting the printer-related error.

Common reasons for getting HP Printer Error C4EBA341:

  1. You are using a third-party cartridge
  2. Your cartridge is damaged
  3. Forget to remove the protective tape
  4. Empty cartridge
  5. Paper Jamming
  6. Clogged printhead
  7. Ink Leakage

Solving HP Printer Error C4EBA341:

Perform a power reset

Most of the HP printer-related errors can get resolved by performing a power reset. When your printer shows the C4EBA341 code, take out the power cord and USB cable from the printer immediately (Do not press the power button). Shut down your computer as well. Wait for about a minute and then plug in the power cord and the printer will start automatically. Connect the HP printer and computer via USB cable and then try to take a printout.

Check the cartridge quality

Whenever you get the C4EBA341 error, check the cartridge immediately. You can get this error when you have installed a third-party cartridge or cheap cartridge on your printer. These cartridges don’t properly and then start showing the error.

The contact pin can’t touch the cartridges and may damage the printer. You may also get print quality issues with the cheap cartridges. Remove the third-party cartridge and purchase an original cartridge for the printer. If you have installed an original cartridge then check for the damage. If the user removes and reinstalls the cartridge from time to time, the cartridge pin may get damaged.

Remove all the clips and protective tapes

After installing a new cartridge if the hp printer not responding

then check for the tapes, you must remove all the protective tapes. A new cartridge has some clips and protective tapes to prevent handling damage. But a user must remove all the tapes before installing the cartridge on the printer. Check the contact pins for the tapes. After removing all the tapes, install the cartridge and make sure the contact pins are touching the printer, and then check for the error.

Check for ink leakage

Sometimes the ink gets leaked from the cartridge and shows the error code. The leakage error appears when the cartridge gets damaged or when the user has refilled the ink. Original cartridges provide good print quality but are very costly. For cutting the cost price, people sometimes refill ink on the cartridges.

Refiling good quality ink on the HP printer cartridges can be a better option for reducing the cost. But a user must refill the ink correctly. After refilling, make sure the lid is correctly closed and there are no bubbles on the ink tanks. After you fill the ink, close the lid and shake it carefully. Install the refilling cartridge and ensure that there is no leakage.

Check for the printhead

The printer cartridge can also get into error when the printhead is not moving correctly. If the printhead of your HP device is broken then you have to replace it with a good one. Your printhead can also show errors in moving when it gets clogged. Clean the printhead manually with a cloth or you can also use the printer utility tool. After trying all the manual methods, if your printer is still showing the C4EBA341 error code then you should ask the technical team for resolving your issue.