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Home » 5 Steps to fix Windows 0xc00000e9 Error on HP Printer

5 Steps to fix Windows 0xc00000e9 Error on HP Printer

Windows 0xc00000e9 Error on HP Printer

Windows 0xc00000e9 error is a special Windows error that points to your hard drive. The same error can occur when installing any version of the Windows or extended operating system after installing the operating system in the notebook, in which case it can only happen when the notebook is booted. This problem is usually caused by a bad hard drive, a corrupted download or incompatible installation of Windows applications, a virus disease, etc. Fortunately, you can find answers to these barriers in HP Support Assist.

Therefore, download this program and follow the directions written on the website.

5 Ways to Fix Windows 0XC00000E9 ERROR ON HP NOTEBOOK

Here are 5 desirable methods to exterminate this Windows error code 0xc00000e9 from HP notebook PC. Do all these steps effectively one by one:

Step 1: Disconnect all external devices

Among the likely causes of the malfunction, 0xc00000e9 is a faulty connection of external devices. Therefore, it is important to discover which program is causing the problems. Turn off your computer and shut down all external hard drives, printers, USB drives, mouse, keyboards,s, etc. Now turn on your notebook to see if the problem is solved or not.

Step 2: Run disk verification

Running the disk check utility is another useful monitoring method. Therefore, take action by following the tips below:

  • Add the operating system installation disk
  • Restart the computer to boot from the disk
  • Choose your favorite language
  • Click “repair computer”
  • Select the operating system you want to repair, if more than 1 operating system is installed on the hard disk
  • In the “System Recovery Options” menu, then click “Open Command Prompt”
  • Type “chkdsk / f” at the command prompt
  • The tool will now start scanning your notebook
  • After the process is complete, you need to restart your computer to judge whether the case has been removed or not. However, if it persists, move on to another method:

Step 3: Change the BIOS settings

Follow the given steps to change the BIOS settings:

  • Restart your notebook and press the F2, DEL, or F10 key to enter BIOS setup
  • Select “Load Optimal Default Settings”
  • Go to the hard disk settings configuration in the “Advanced” section. Configure the setting to AHCI or IDE
  • Save changes and restart the notebook
  • If the case still exists, try another process.

Step 4: Update your staff

The outdated driver can also lead to the 0xc00000e9 error because the hardware cannot communicate with the applications. You must verify that your devices have the correct and latest drivers.

Step 5: Contact a group of qualified technical engineers

In the event that none of the above-mentioned procedures are beneficial to eliminating the 0xc00000e9 error code in a working notebook, the ultimate easiest method is to have a cool conversation using skillful technicians. They give you powerful HP support for notebooks in your comfort zone