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Learn How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop in an Easy Manner

The renowned brand Canon is famous for its print speed and durability. They have significantly reduced the human effort in doing the job on time. In order to reduce the workload, such machines are very convenient in today’s world. These are comfortable to use and the ease in setup process can help you to connect on various devices of your choice. This means you get an immediate outcome to perform task. In this regard, we try to guide the users to stay updated on How to Connect Canon Printer to Laptop effortlessly. 

A proper understanding of the working of the printer device is necessary for its successful setup. It is here that you need to read this article in detail for complete instruction on the steps.

Methods to Connect the Canon Wireless Printer Setup:

  • Step1: Read the manual that comes with the device and starts the setup by plugin the same on the wall socket. Fill in the paper tray and the cartridge and place them on their correct spot carefully.
  • Step2: As it is a hardware device, you get provided with the software that comes in the CD. If you wish to install it via a CD driver, you can do so. Otherwise, you can also install it from the internet.
  • Step3: Link your printer and laptop to the same Wi-Fi to get internet access. Enter the ID and password to authorize the device.
  • Step4: Attach the USB cable to the printer at one end and on the laptop at another port location.
  • Step5: Visit the official website of canon printer on your laptop.
  • Step6: Enter the model’s name and OS to search for the driver. Here you must avail of the software specific to the same printer to connect in the right manner.
  • Step7: Once you find your required product driver, click on it to download on the system.
  • Step8: Now, click on the start menu, which is located on the bottom left side of the display screen. Click on it to open the control panel options.
  • Step9: After that, double-click to open the hardware and sound to choose the devices and printer’s option. Here, you need to click on the ‘Add Printer’ option to select the local printer.
  • Step10: From the given list, pick the one printer port that you will use for establishing a connection
  • Step11: Again, from the available menu, choose your printer model and then click on Next.
  • Step12: With this, you are getting the option to share the printer with other preferred devices. You can opt to do the sharing at a later stage too.
  • Step13: Now, click on the Next button.  Here, you can wish to keep the cannon printer in the default option for ease of operation and do the test run.
  • Step14: Tap on the finish button to complete the procedure.

Following these, you have acquired knowledge about Canon Wireless Printer Setup with ease. You can perform the follow-up to get the desired result. These directives are easy to understand and simple enough for you to do on your own. 

The printers are a crucial device as they can achieve multiple functions within minutes. Thus, always keeping its user’s performance-ready. In this tech-savvy world, a modern printer serves its customers by being user-friendly. As an instance, by doing the official work on time but also supplying for the personal needs. Hence, it is vital to get the printer linked accurately. Therefore, make sure to give proper attention to each step to enjoy the result afterward.