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How to calm down quickly: 3 anti-stress gestures?

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How to calm down quickly

How to calm down quickly in everyday stress amid screams, commitments, unimaginable pressures, is a question that has nothing to do with the usual ‘pain killers’. In fact, when we are very angry we tend to repeat the same relaxing gestures. Light a cigarette, drink coffee to break the routine, go for a ride on Facebook.

Nothing more wrong according to experts. Smoking hurts and drinking too much coffee too. But the risks of excessive use of social media are equally obvious. In fact, this is not the way to achieve the desired calm. To report it Elle, French magazine in the online version.

Yet for each of these anti-stress habits, a more viable and sustainable alternative for our health is suggested. Here are 3 relaxing gestures that add no damage to other damage.

How to calm down: instead of a cigarette, deep breathing

Cigarettes are bad. Especially if associated with high levels of stress. Of this opinion is Dr. Claire Mounier-Vehier, cardiologist. Instead, the doctor recommends a practice called cardiac coherence, an immediately calming breathing method. The practice balances the autonomic nervous system. Just inhale and hold your breath for 5 seconds, then release oxygen. The exercise should be repeated for five minutes.

Instead of a coffee, a nice herbal tea

Better the second one that relaxes naturally. Prefer cinnamon, and spices that have excellent anti-fatigue action. For example, cardamom strengthens the digestive system.

Instead of Facebook, an album of colors

Taking a break to look at Facebook doesn’t have a distracting effect on people at all. The company name is that it forces us to compare our lives with those of others. And they are always apparently idyllic, given the power of social media to mask the difficulties and unexpected events of the journey. So I call frustration, envy, displeasure. Instead of login then better to choose coloring albums that have been very fashionable lately. A concentration activity like this is a relaxing practice for mind and body.