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How to become a maths topper in class 3?

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become a maths topper in class 3


In academics, mathematics is known as a subject that requires key skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving techniques, accurate calculations, and more. However, as a student gets promoted to higher grades, pupils often feel. That maths is an extremely tough subject and needs a high level of precision with knowledge.

This is why most of the students either drop maths or try to merely pass in the subject for the sake of it. Although, it’s not ideal since mathematics is an integral subject. That used in many sectors even in higher education like degree and postgraduate programs. Nevertheless, students realise this late and regret dropping out of math and not attempting to learn it. Thus, practising maths must not be underestimated by pupils. As they may require it in the future but did not pay much attention to it.

In today’s article, the discussion will be on suggesting some quick 7 ways to easily score high marks in maths, especially for 3rd graders. 

7 easy ways to become a math topper in the 3rd grade 

Learn the basics thoroughly 

One of the most significant things for grade 3rd maths is the basic concepts of the topics. Every chapter needs different functions and knowledge. Therefore if young pupils catch onto them early. This will help them to score high marks in mathematics. So that’s why students should put their maximum focus on these areas to always score high grades in maths during exams. 

Repetition is very important 

Another crucial and simple way for students to remember the methods of solving a question is by repeating it. When young candidates repeat the methods by speaking or writing it gets imprinted in their minds and thereby can retain the knowledge. All students need to do is repeat whatever has been already taught by the teacher every day. So that the pupil is constantly reminded of the learned topic.

After the class 3 students rest, the concepts which they had learned previously get recalled by them and are quickly able to retain them. This repetition technique works well for all students. As they continuously revise the same topic that eventually gets memorized by them. 

Use the NCERT textbooks for practice 

The best way to score high marks in maths is certainly to practice by solving several questions. If at a younger age, a pupil gets the understanding and habit of practising math questions. While also getting familiar with the types of problems asked. Such students, will have a better approach to solving in higher grades. Moreover, these students will also keep scoring high marks in maths and become toppers in that subject. The NCERT textbooks contain the best examples and questions for young children to enthusiastically.

Learn how to solve math-related problems quickly. These textbooks have good explanations as well for students to refer to whenever they face doubts. However if pupils wish to search for these books online. The students can simply download the Maths Magic NCERT Books Class 3 on the internet. Also, the NCERT textbooks are not restricted to the English language and are available in Hindi as well. 

Try to understand the math language 

Mathematics in grade 3rd might not be so tough to understand and practice but math as a whole could be challenging for some students. This is because such students are unable to grasp the math language which is solving the problem in steps and understanding what the problem is truly about. Once pupils get this part cleared, they are more likely to get great marks in their exams. 

Solve chapter-specific questions to ace them 

Apart from this, another effective way for grade 3rd young pupils to score good marks is to try solving questions based on specific topics. By doing this, students can get an idea of how well they perform in those topics and improve the scope of scoring better marks. Also, solving such problems can help them to ace answering the same type of questions and keep developing. 

Don’t try too hard

Even after practicing and learning maths thoroughly, some students might still not be able to score high marks since their entire focus is getting better grades and not on the question. Pupils should not only gain knowledge but should also learn how to answer them. Moreover, marks do not determine a child’s capabilities but rather their performance in an examination. Thus it can be improved so grade 3 students should not try too hard to get good marks but to get apt knowledge. 

Try to avoid silly mistakes 

Mathematics requires accurate calculations to get an answer therefore if students make simple or silly mistakes, they miss an opportunity to score full marks in that particular question. Generally, teachers guide young pupils by acknowledging the silly and common mistakes made by students in that exam to make the pupils aware of it so, in the future, the students will not repeat them. If at a young age pupils are made to avoid such errors, they’ll always make a bit of it in higher classes as well. 


In a nutshell, there were some of the prime methods and tips to become an expert or topper in grade 3 maths. The early stages of education are certainly of great significance since this is the age where students shape and develop their minds. 

If maths is encouraged as a subject as early as 3rd grade then students will truly be comfortable in learning mathematics even in higher grades. The main thing is that pupils should not feel or think that mathematics is a tough subject to score high in whereas in reality maths concepts just require simple practice and regular revision. However, if pupils do not develop good math-solving habits, they may struggle to work out mathematics-related problems in the future. 

Altogether, it’s true that 3rd-grade mathematics does not need much effort just practice yet, the habit-building and fundamental concepts should be strong. This will certainly help young pupils to gain the necessary knowledge with the abilities to easily solve math questions