How to backup photos and videos from iPhone to PC and iCloud?

iPhone has thousands of fans all over the world. Every September, a lot of people would be attracted by the launch event of its new products. Even if some of them don’t want to really buy them, they don’t want to miss the big news of the tech circle.

iPhone is regarded as a reliable device because of its security. Indeed, compared with Android, data is safer on the iPhone. Does it mean your data is always safe on your iPhone? If you Google any news about iPhone data loss, you would find that data is not absolutely secure, especially photos and videos.

After all, iOS is a kind of software where there would be bugs like any other software. Usually, they would be triggered after the iOS update.

Sometimes the misunderstanding to iCloud Photo Stream would also cause data loss.

The most severe thing is losing the device. Although your data is not likely to be hacked by the thief, the data would be gone forever if there is no backup.

Therefore, you need to regularly make a backup of your iPhone. Sometimes one backup is not enough, you needed to store your backup in different ways.

Local backup is visible and reachable compared with the backup in the remote server. Cloud backup is more convenient to use compared with the local backup. Have an offline backup and a cloud backup would make it foolproof to protect your iPhone data.

Keep reading to know the ways to backup your iPhone from iPhone to computer and iCloud.

How to backup iPhone to computer with iTunes?

iTunes is an excellent software for managing iPhone data. It is very powerful because there are so many things it can do (some users also complain that it is bulky). It could be used to sync music photos, contacts, and other data from computer to iPhone, and backup, restore, and update data of iPhone.

When you backup iPhone to iTunes, iTunes would automatically collect all the settings and some important data from all the apps and then generate a full iPhone backup of several gigabytes or more than 10GB.

Steps to make iTunes backup:

Step 1. Download the latest iTunes from Apple Support or Microsoft Store. Use a lightning cable to connect iPhone and computer.

Step 2. After your iPhone is successfully connected to iTunes, your iPhone would appear on the interface, click the icon to continue.

Step 3. You would see an option Back Up Now here. Click the blue button to make iTunes. The process might take 15 minutes or more.

How to backup iPhone to iCloud?

iCloud is the perfect cloud application for iPhone. You don’t have to download it because you can directly use it in Settings. You have 5GB of free storage to save your backup. If you want to save more data, you need to upgrade the plan.

The steps to use iCloud Photos are simple:

Open Settings on iPhone > tap your avatar > select iCloud > expand Backup > turn on iCloud Backup.

You could also tap Back Up Nowhere to perform a manual backup. If not, iCloud would automatically backup your iPhone at night. iCloud only use Wi-Fi if you prefer automatic backup so don’t disconnect Wi-Fi after you go to bed.

How to backup iPhone to PC with AOMEI MBackupper?

Both iCloud and iTunes are excellent, but there is still something they can’t do, like selecting data to save or viewing backup files.

So you need the professional and reliable software to backup your iPhone because it will bring you the best experience as complement. What is the best iPhone backup software? It should be really useful and easy to use. AOMEI MBackupper is such a kind of software. It should be really useful and easy to use as a professional iPhone backup software.

What is AOMEI Mbackupper?

AOMEI MBackupper is a smarter and more flexible alternative to iOS data transfer and backup than iTunes and icloud from AOMEI Technology company. Here are main features:

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

iPhone transfer is important to save previous iPhone data and exporting iPhone data to computer make you get more iPhone storage.

AOMEI MBackupper can selectively transfer photos, music, contacts and text massages of your old iPhone to new iPhone, besides, it can also transfer to other iOS devices such as: iPad, iPod Touch with amazing transferring speed. It also can transfer your iPhone data to PC

Backup and Restore iPhone Data

Flexible backup ways allows you to preview photos, messages, or contacts before phone backup or restoring. Select the the items you want to operate, saving time and space. Backup your data form one iPhone to another iPhone to guarantee data security and restore all your lost files.

Fast and Safe

It has amazing transfer and backup speed. The platform do not save your data. Help you avoid unnecessary data disasters. Give you highly security guarantee.

So let’s see how to use AOMEI MBackupper to backup your iPhone photos and videos.

Steps to backup selected data from iPhone

Step 1. Before any operation, your need to get AOMEI MBackupper from its official website and install it computer. Get iPhone in your hand and connect it via a wired connection to PC.

Step 2. After your iPhone is recognized in AOMEI MBackupper, the home screen would pop up. You need to select Custom Backup.

Step 3. In Custom Backup, you would see the icons of Photos, Videos, Music, Contacts, and Messages. Click the icons and then you could view all the items in the apps.

Step 4. You preview and select any items you want and then click OK to return to the last step.

Step 5. On this window, you could click Start Backup to save what you have selected right away. The backup location of your iPhone backup is in the C drive, like iTunes, by default, but you could easily change it this time by clicking the path. It could be anywhere on your computer or even in your external hard drive, or NAS.

How to manage your backup in AOMEI MBackupper?

Having known the steps of making a basic backup of iPhone photos and videos, you could also know some advanced skills to manage the data on your computer with AOMEI MBackupper.

How to view your backup?

If you have a backup in your own disk, you could view them without the internet.

In AOMEI MBackupper, you need to click Back on the screen where you click the icon of the apps to go to Backup Management. You would see a list of your backups. Select one, click the eye icon, and then you could view your backup in AOMEI MBackupper. If you click the pin icon, you could then open the path of the backup folder.

How to make incremental Backup?

If you use iTunes, you would find that every time you make an iPhone backup, there would be a folder of 5GB or more generated in your C drive. How much space do you have in your C drive? Backing up iPhone should be a regular plan. After several months, your system drive would be full and the performance of your computer would be influenced.

Incremental backup means your old date won’t be saved again (compared with your last backup), only the fresh data would be saved this time. then you would get a list of all the versions of your backup copies. That would save a lot of space on your computer.

AOMEI MBackupper use incremental backup technology to speed up backup process and dramatically save backup storage for you. In AOMEI MBackupper, you could connect your device, select its last backup in Backup Management, click the Triangle icon at the end of the strip, and then your latest Backup would be quickly created. 


We have entered the age of data, and data security is very important to each of us, whether it is personal or business. Data protection is required in education, medical and other fields. In addition, science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, and the replacement of mobile phones is fast.

We must back up the data of the old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. So backing up your iPhone is necessary. You must not want to lose the precious moments of your past. Although iOS is securer than Android, the system would also bring trouble from time to time so you need to manually save your data by yourself.

It would be wise to have copies of your iPhone both in the server and on your computer. The copy on your computer could be used without the Internet and the files in the remote server could be used anytime and anywhere when iPhone is connected with the network. So AOMEI MBackupper is your best choice.

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