How Social Media boosts SEO ranking?

Digital Marketing is the way every business is heading in 2020. This is the new form of marketing that has leveled the playing field for every business out there. So, if you haven’t yet implemented digital marketing strategies, make sure to try them and grow your business exponentially. However, digital marketing in itself is a broad term, and it consists of many other online marketing and promotional strategies inside of it.

Among them all, social media and SEO are arguably the most popular ones. Similarly, they are also related to each other in some manner. Also, it is often a hot topic of discussion whether social media helps in SEO rankings or not. The quick and straight answer is yes. However, social channels don’t help in SEO, like many people think it does. Also, Google itself has stated that social signals are not a direct ranking factor when it comes to SEO.

Therefore, today we will be looking briefly at SEO and SMM and find out how social media might benefit SEO rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process by which a website is ranked higher in the search results. It is one of the most important and popular digital marketing strategies that are popular today. It is through SEO that websites will get natural or organic traffic. In addition, SEO ranking is the strategy that will be fruitful in the longer term.

Also, it is beneficial from an economic point of view as we won’t need to pay search engines any amount to perform SEO. However, the biggest thing with SEO is that people need to be really patient as the results may take months before they start appearing.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Apart from SEO, SMM is another famous online promotion strategy everyone is implementing today. Many people believe that SMM simply refers to running ads on social media. However, it is not so. SMM is a process of managing someone’s social media accounts, developing the social profile, and running ads, and promotions as well.

In addition, we can target a specific audience while running social ads and get results very quickly. This is the main difference between SMM and SEO. Also, it is believed that social media helps in SEO ranking as well. This is true and is another reason why you should maintain a proper social presence. Now, let us have a look at some ways in which social media helps in SEO rankings.

High Potential for Links

We all know that link building is one of the main tasks included in any SEO work. Similarly, we know that social media provides opportunities for creating an unlimited amount of links. We can always insert links to our websites from posts and content. This will help us in getting the clicks, and as a result, visitors to the website will also increase. Also, blog sharing in groups and social communities is also a good way to reach more people and gain visitors. Also, it is considered that the more shares, likes, and engagement one can get, the better it is for rankings.

Social platforms are search engines themselves

If we take a closer look at it, social media themselves are a form of search engine. Even though they might not be a traditional type of search engine, social channels store a lot of data and show results to users while they search for something. Also, today, people will check a brand’s social presence and its products on social platforms before making a decision. Therefore, we should understand that SEO includes searches that take place on social platforms as well.

Builds Audience

While talking about SEO, we often say that it is all about getting that valuable organic traffic. However, people often tend to forget that same can be achieved through a good social media presence as well. If we can build followers and construct a social empire, the brand’s reach will simply skyrocket through the roof. Also, by doing so, really interested people will visit the websites, and leads, traffic, and click-through will also increase simultaneously. Therefore, social media also has the same goals as SEO ranking, which is to gain an audience and leads.

Social media profile ranks in search engines

Almost everyone knows about this, but almost everyone tends to ignore just how powerful and crucial of a thing it is. With the belief that social shares aren’t going to help in search results, people just ignore their social media after setting it up. However, if we look at it, social media profiles are amongst the top results while searching for any brand. Therefore, by properly maintaining social channels, one can grab the attention of those interested people who check out your social media during their relevant searches.

Therefore, we can say that both social media and SEO are both excellent ways to reach out to audiences, promote yourself, and be found. So we must give equal importance to both these marketing strategies.

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