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How Good Can Games Get?

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With the graphical fidelity and complex mechanics we have available to us through gaming today. It’s hard to imagine that there is any room left for further improvement. 

However, we still have a long way to go until we hit our true potential. And there are some people out there that argue there will never be any ceiling for innovations. 

In any case, the debate as to how far games can evolve is certainly an interesting topic. And that is exactly what we will be discussing today. 

We will talk about just how much room the gaming industry as a whole has for improvement. As well as talking about whether or not there is a true limit for innovation

Gaming console
Gaming console

VR Is Going To Change Everything

Virtual reality in the future is going to look like nothing we have ever seen before.

Just imagine what a world with full virtual reality capabilities would look like. Not only would the gaming industry be drastically changed forever. But it will more than likely have an effect on every industry in the world. 

Instead of travelling miles to get the classic casino experience. You will now just be able to plug into something like the online casino NetBet and have the exact same experience, being almost indistinguishable from the real thing. 

We have only begun to scratch the surface when it comes to VR. And it is highly likely that developments in VR will span much further than that of game graphics. 

VR really is the next step in gaming.

There Is a Soft Limit 

When it comes to taking the future of game graphics, it is highly likely that we will reach a point where every upgrade becomes smaller and smaller, and any huge innovations will be few and far between. 

This is because there is a soft limit to how good graphics can get. And at a certain point, the law of diminishing returns will become evident. 

Moreover, this exact same point can be made about performance. If we do not somehow come up with some revolutionary tech. That allows us to do things drastically different to how we do things now. Every upgrade in performance will become smaller and smaller. 

In both of these situations, it could potentially reach a point where all other options have been exhausted. And we would have essentially reached a plateau. Furthermore, until we figure out how to bust through said plateau, any upgrades will be minuscule. 

Of course, as we mentioned previously, this only applies if no revolutionary tech comes along that changes everything, and if that does become the case, then plateaus may become a thing of the past. 

So, what are your thoughts on the topic? 

In reality, it is almost impossible to predict when a certain industry will reach its maximum potential. And it is still in the air whether or not such a feat would even be possible.