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How do I study for CCNP security?

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CCNP security

CCNP Security is stated to be a professional version of the Cisco certification in every possible networking domain. CCNP mainly stands for the Cisco Certified Network Professional. It is mainly one level above CCNA certification and mainly consists of the proper logic and knowledge of the concepts associated with CCNA. 

Now, this might be your very first time when you are trying to prepare for the CCNP Security exam and have no clue how to start with this venture. There is nothing to worry about as the CCNP Security online training by SPOTO is available to the rescue. But, getting online training only won’t help as you have to study from your side as well. So, following some of the smart tips will make the CCNP security exam productive too.

You have to perceive CCNA best:

CCNP Security is noted to be the comprehensive knowledge of what you have already learned in the CCNA sector. So, the CCNP certification course is always a prerequisite before aiming towards the Security section and sitting in the CCNP security exam.

  • The CCNP certification will set the present foundation for Security, and you have to perceive CCNA Best in all possible intents.
  • The topics are not that new in CCNP security but more ingrained from what you have learned previously in CCNA certification.
  • So, it is vital to pass the CCNA exam first and get a thorough understanding of all the available topics before you attempt to sit for the CCNP security exam.

The experiences for you to follow:

Once you have earned the CCNP certification, you will realize that without practical exposure, you cannot pass any Cisco exam. Cisco will highly recommend an experience of 1 to 3 years minimum before you can attempt the CCNP security exam.

  • Having hands-on experience with the CCNP security devices will always give you an edge over others, and passing the exam won’t be that tough anymore.
  • You need to create that home lab to become a bit familiar with the Cisco devices.
  • These exams will require a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of hands-on sessions every day on average. It helps you to get hold of layout and concepts well.
  • The concepts associated with CCNP security are easily understandable and can be done if you practice quite a lot in the lab until you get the result.
  • The more you get to practice, the better you will come to learn, and it will help you to gain more confidence.

Added study resources:

With the help of Cisco Press Books, you can prepare for the Cisco exam, but those are not sufficient. You have to participate in the online forums. Here, you can get all your questions resolved, if any. 

  • On the other hand, you can follow the Cisco blog section to remain updated on all the advanced happenings taking place.
  • Make sure to keep an eye on the online videos. You will find loads of learning materials on the web to help you out in every step possible.
  • Whenever you are focusing on the Cisco certification exams, you can practice better by actively taking part in as many practice tests as you can.
  • Take the CCNP security practice tests too, which will help you to learn the way to control pressure, manage time and present you with the perception of the level of preparedness.

Always study one topic at a time:

Avoid reading a book at a time. In its place, you should concentrate on one subject at a time. Read and understand it, and then practice it to get experience over here. Then you need to proceed further to the next topic.

  • Make sure to cover all the learning by yourself and practice more and more unless you get a grip of it.
  • Make sure to cover the learning yourself and then practice it until you get it right.
  • Focus on one topic at one time as that will present you with confidence and help you to prepare thoroughly for the CCNP security exams later.

On the other hand, do not stick to one book and explore all the options. Study correspondingly, and you might end up scoring some great marks in the final exam now.