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How can I Upgrade My Antivirus Plan to McAfee 2020

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McAfee antivirus is a famous antivirus program best known for offering advanced services and tools for network protection. If you want to keep your device secure from all the internet threats then installing McAfee can be a good choice. McAfee antivirus provides various plans for different operating systems. McAfee antivirus plans are available in the free version as well as in paid plans. You can install any McAfee plan on your device according to your device specifications and requirements.

When you use McAfee plan, you can access all the features until you have an active license. Once your McAfee subscription expires, you need to renew it for accessing the plan. If you want to use the new McAfee plan on your device then cancel the current McAfee subscription and upgrade your McAfee plan. 

How to cancel McAfee auto-renew subscription?

McAfee has an auto-renew service where your McAfee renews its plan a month before expiry. This plan ensures that the device is not vulnerable to threats. The auto-renewal will occur from your credit card and the receipt will be sent to your email address. But if you don’t want to renew your McAfee plan automatically then you have to cancel the McAfee auto-renew subscription. Once your McAfee plan expires, you can either renew the McAfee plan manually or you can also upgrade your Plan. 

Steps for upgrading McAfee antivirus

If you are using a free McAfee antivirus plan on your device then upgrading your McAfee antivirus plan is very simple. 

  1. Open your McAfee dashboard
  2. Click on the Upgrade Now button
  3. You will be redirected to McAfee online store
  4. A list of all McAfee plans will appear on your screen
  5. Click on McAfee 2020
  6. Check the resource requirements of McAfee plan
  7. If your device is able to fulfil its specifications then hit the Buy Now button
  8. A form will appear
  9. Enter your name
  10. Enter the phone number and email address
  11. Select your Country and Language
  12. Now enter the billing details
  13. Click on Buy Now button

Do not press the Enter button until your payment process completes. Once you see the confirmation button, open your email address. Open your email account and double click the URL to run the installer. McAfee installer will check the specifications of your device. It will automatically uninstall the old McAfee setup from your device. Wait until you see the next button.

A confirmation window will appear. Click on the Confirm button. EULA page will appear. Tap the Agree and Install option and then follow the on-screen commands. You have to restart your PC to complete the McAfee installation process. A McAfee icon will appear on your desktop.

Open the McAfee dashboard and click on the Run button. Now you can use all the features of your upgraded McAfee plan easily. In case you get any kind of issues like McAfee virus scan problems then you can easily contact the McAfee team for help.

If you have a premium McAfee plan but you still want to upgrade your McAfee antivirus plan then you should wait until your McAfee subscription expires. When you renew your McAfee plan, the remaining days of the previous plan get added to the new license. But if you upgrade your McAfee plan then your remaining days will not get added to the upgraded plan.

So, you should cancel the McAfee subscription to ensure that your McAfee plan does not get auto-renewed. After canceling your McAfee antivirus subscription, you can use its tools and services until the subscription expires. Once the license expires then you can easily upgrade your McAfee antivirus. You don’t have to create a new McAfee plan as you can easily upgrade your McAfee antivirus with an existing account. The upgraded plan will automatically remove the prior plan and get installed easily.