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How can the user check McAfee product subscription on a PC?

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McAfee is a cybersecurity industry which provides various security tools and services for businesses and home use. For PCs, McAfee offers numerous antivirus programs with advanced features and tools. For some devices, McAfee also provides freeware. Once you install the freeware McAfee plan on your device, then you can use all the basic security tools easily. For advanced tools, you can purchase the premium tools of McAfee antivirus. You will receive a yearly license for McAfee. Use all the advanced tools and features for keeping the computer secure. Once your license is about to expire then you have to go for McAfee renew. Renewing the plan will extend the service and keep the device secure from all the malware and other threats.

How to check McAfee subscription?

You can easily verify your McAfee subscription by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your McAfee dashboard
  2. Click on My Info
  3. Choose My Subscription option

The remaining days of your license will be displayed on the left pane.  In case your McAfee antivirus is expired then click on the renew button for license renewal.

Verifying McAfee Subscription

  1. Go to the taskbar and right-click on M-Shield icon
  2. Choose to show more icons button
  3. Hit the Verify subscription

Now click on the Yes button and then make changes on your device accordingly. You have to wait for completing the process and then your subscription information will be displayed on the screen.

Steps to check the license expiry date

Check the license expiry date and if your license is about to expire then you must renew it. You can check the expiry date by following the mentioned steps:

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Visit McAfee website
  3. Click on My Account tab
  4. Now tap the sign-in button
  5. Enter the McAfee credentials
  6. Click on the Login button

On your account page, click on the device you are using McAfee

Now go to the McAfee product and click on My Info. You will see the Expiration date and all the other details regarding your McAfee account on your screen.

Renewing McAfee antivirus

If your McAfee antivirus plan gets expired or about to expire then you should renew it immediately. McAfee also provides an auto-renewal service. But not all the McAfee plans are available for auto-renewal. Open your McAfee and check whether your McAfee antivirus is applicable for auto-renewal or not. If your plan is under auto-renewal mode then you don’t have to worry about the license expiry. The antivirus license will automatically get renewed before the expiry date. But sometimes users don’t want to renew their license automatically. In that case, you have to cancel the auto-renewal mode of McAfee antivirus.

Cancelling auto-renewal mode of McAfee antivirus

  1. Go to McAfee website
  2. Click on My Account
  3. Enter the McAfee credentials and hit the Login button
  4. Your McAfee account page will appear
  5. Go o the Auto-renewal option
  6. Toggle the Auto-renewal mode to Off

Hit the Next button and your McAfee auto-renewal mode will get disabled.

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How to renew McAfee antivirus manually?

If your McAfee plan is not under the auto-renewal mode then you have to renew the McAfee antivirus manually. Follow the given steps to renew McAfee antivirus:

  1. Click on McAfee icon
  2. McAfee dashboard will be displayed
  3. Go to My Info page
  4. Click on Renew button

Choose an appropriate plan for your McAfee and hit the Buy Now button. Now you have to fill the billing and other details. Click on the Confirm button and wait for the process to complete. Now reopen your McAfee dashboard and go to the Info page. Check whether your McAfee antivirus plan gets renewed or not. If you want to upgrade your McAfee antivirus then wait until your previous McAfee plans expire. Now get a new McAfee plan for your device and use all the advanced features reliably.



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