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When seeking home care assistance, Raleigh NC families should seek out an agency of qualified geriatric professionals to provide all of these services. The Raleigh area is filled with spouses who care for a sick or disabled loved one, baby boomers who have elderly parents, and seniors who live independently and have no family nearby to help with care decisions.

Decisions regarding long-term care can be very complex: first the needs of the older person must be assessed, then a care plan must be created, and finally services that meet the family’s needs and budget must be organized and monitored.

in Home Care Assistance

in home care assistance

Imagine, for example, that a family living in Wake Forest has been caring for their elderly grandmother at home for several years since her husband died. The grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 9 months earlier and her gradual cognitive decline is beginning to be evident.

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 Because of this, the family wants to keep the grandmother in the house where she feels comfortable and things are familiar. In the midst of the economic crisis, the breadwinner has received a blow to her previously sustainable income.

Now, money is extremely scarce and the spouse of the breadwinner, who used to stay home to care for the grandmother, has to return to the workforce. They realize that their only option is to bring someone home to give them the assistance they need during the work week.

in home care assistance

A strong element of trust must be present, as this person will come to your home and take your loved one under his or her wing in a way that ensures that your quality of life will be extended for as long as possible.

 Whether hiring an independent caregiver or choosing an agency to hire such professionals, there are a number of criteria the family should consider. The caregiver must be able to provide documentation of qualifications and experience; must have experience in the area of care that meets the specific needs of the patient; must be bonded and secured; must not have a criminal record; must have at least three good references; and finally, the caregiver must be caring and compassionate, i.e., the family and patient must be completely comfortable with the individual.