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Here is why Seasonal Professional Pool Cleaning is Mandatory

Swimming pools are mainly used in the summertime when the weather is hot, and people need shelter in cool and breezy water. However, it does not mean that swimming pools should not be cleaned every season. If you want your pool to last for a long time, then you must pay utmost attention to its care and maintenance, else you can kiss goodbye to it after a few years of its installation.

The home pool inspectors that you would hire will also tell you the same thing, and the cleaning companies will schedule a seasonal cleanup for your pool. Thus, seasonal pool cleaning should never be avoided or missed, as it adds to the longevity of the pool.

Tips for Seasonal Maintenance of the Pools

Seasonal maintenance of the pool is more like a deep cleanse that will increase its life expectancy. Here are some listed maintenance tips that are proven to help you keep your pool in good and healthy condition all year long:

Spring Season

When you prep your swimming pool, it requires more than just taking the cover off. You can not expect to dive right into the water without properly treating it before. Firstly, you must always get rid of the dirt and debris with a broom or a leaf blower to clear the bottom entirely. Remove every particle before storing water in it again.

Once the water has been poured in, you must skim the surface off of any sediments. Another important thing is to always keep the water levels to optimal. After your pool is functional, make sure that the cleaning schedules from pool cleaning service tucson are being held at the appointed time. Cleaning, vacuuming, testing chemicals, and testing the filtration system should always be in check when your swimming pool is in use.

Summer Season

It is always advised by home pool inspectors to keep your swimming pools and the pool water clean, sparkly, and crystal clear throughout the summers. During the summertime, everyone uses their pools to beat the heat and to stay fresh throughout the day. Thus, the pools require more frequent cleaning in summer than in other seasons.

Keep the surface skimmed from all the dirt and debris, and brush the pool walls weekly to prevent any sediments. Other than the regular cleaning, you must also clean the cleaning tools occasionally, as it will keep the germs at bay. You must also get a shock treatment done after regular intervals and specifically after heavy rains or sand storms.

Winter/Fall Season

In northern countries, the pools are accustomed to being shut down throughout the winter season. However, there are some tips that must be followed in late fall when the pool is being closed and in the early springtime. In winters, you must always skim leaves off the surface as it will prevent clogging. Leaves must never be allowed to remain on the pool’s surface as they sink in the bottom and may leave a stain on the pool liner.

Other than this, the chemical levels in the pool surface should also be kept in check. It is always better to blow out the lining regularly and install winterizing plugs in the pool. In winters, make sure that all pumps are turned off and properly filtered to keep the debris out. At last, after all the cleaning, always cover the entire swimming pool firmly with a pool cover to ensure nothing goes in or comes out of it. 

Thus, you must always keep the health of your swimming pool in check in every changing season. It will increase the durability and longevity of your home pool, and it will also save your money for any future underlying damage.