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Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies: What’s the Difference?

Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies

Without any doubt, hemp has already taken the spot as the next highly-valued crop in terms of cash and demand. This is a plant that has taken the entire world by storm since hemp-derived CBD benefits were discovered. For millennials, however, this might get you by surprise that hemp is not a new plant. Hemp use actually dates far beyond contemporary times. 

Precisely, hemp has been used very widely for thousands of years owing to its nutritional content, among other benefits. The only difference is that the old folks never had the chance to enjoy the fancy products you are enjoying today, like hemp gummies and CBD gummies. You might be fooled to think that these two are the same, but they are not in so many aspects. In this article, we will explain the differences between hemp gummies vs. CBD gummies and find out which one is better for you.

What Are Hemp Gummies?

These types of gummies have hemp seed oil extract made from the hemp plants’ seeds. You realize that the hemp seeds are basically packed with so many essential amino acids along with vitamins such as Vitamin E. other nutrients include zinc, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and iron.

Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies

Despite belonging to the cannabis family, hemp is referred to as a cannabis plant with 0.3% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and below. However, hemp seed oils usually do not contain THC thus making the hemp gummies completely free from the substance.

What Are CBD Gummies?

The active ingredient in CBD gummies is essentially cannabidiol (CBD). This is derived from the flowers of mature hemp plants. These gummies usually have less than 0.3% THC meaning that they never elicit psychoactive effects. According to most CBD users, CBD gummies can assist with muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety and depression, nausea, and sleep issues.

What is the Difference between Hemp Gummies and CBD Gummies?

What sets CBD gummies apart from hemp gummies lies in the active ingredient. As the name suggests, CBD gummies have CBD (cannabidiol) as their active component. As we mentioned, you find CBD in the flowers of matured hemp plants. CBD is specifically located on the surface of the flowers covered in trichomes. During the process of extraction, the trichomes are generally broken up in a bid to extract the thick oily liquid that is so rich in cannabinoids.

Upon extraction, the oil is then combined with a plant-based solidifier like agar to come up with gummies. CBD gummies are basically flavored with concentrates, fruit juices as well as organic cane sugar. These gummies arrive in different tastes and shapes.

Hemp gummies, on the other hand, are basically made from hemp seed oil. The oil is generally derived from hemp plants’ seeds. The gummies are therefore realistic for individuals looking for a fun way to have essential fatty acids, trace minerals, and vitamins from hemp. As opposed to flowers, seeds are normally free from cannabinoids. This, therefore, means that the seeds have no CBD or THC present in them.

You cannot exhaust the differences between CBD gummies vs. hemp gummies. For instance, their extraction processes are different. CBD oil is normally extracted using ethanol or CO2. On the other hand, the hemp seed oil is normally extracted mechanically via a cold-pressing method. Again, the uses are different. CBD gummies are commonly used for general health care and many specific purposes. Hemp gummies, on the other hand, are good for you if you wish to elevate your dietary deficits.

Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies: Effects

Even though research on CBD is in its green stages, studies have suggested that CBD could help in treating sleeping disorders as well as anxiety. The first CBD-containing product to be approved by the FDA is Epidiolex, used for rare types of epilepsy. CBD has also been used to reduce depression, nausea, and chronic pain in some users.

Given that hemp gummies have no THC or CBD, the effects are different from CBD gummies. Hemp seed oil, however, prides itself on anti-inflammatory properties. This, therefore, brings extra effects like helping with skin diseases such as acne. This also serves as a good nutrient source. You shouldn’t, however, expect hemp seed oil gummies to relax your worried thoughts.

What Are CBD Gummies Good for?

As you might be already aware, CBD gummies are a very enjoyable way you reap the health benefits of CBD. This happens without the need to swallow the strong-tasting CBD oil. The common areas of human health that high-quality CBD gummies offer help include pain reduction, anxiety relief, and sleep improvement.

What Are Hemp Gummies Good For?

Even though hemp gummies necessarily never offer similar benefits as CBD gummies do, they still have excellent benefits. All the same, the major benefit is offering nutritional value that includes better digestion, pain relief, better skin health, and reduced inflammation.

The hemp seed oil has essential fatty acids, vitamins, and trace minerals that guarantee a healthy body as well as general cardiovascular health. For instance, Omega-3s and Omega-6s are great for your skin precisely if you suffer from acne. Moreover, when these two are added to your diet, they help with cognitive functioning.  

Are There Any Side Effects of Hemp Gummies and CBD Gummies?

Hemp gummies are generally considered safe for the simple reason that they have no cannabinoids. The benefits, therefore, outweigh the risks, if any. On the other hand, CBD gummies have fewer side effects which could include: diarrhea, tiredness, and changes in eating habits. These are side effects that are commonly attributed to general CBD use.

Hemp Gummies vs. CBD Gummies: Legality

In essence, hemp gummies are cannabinoid-free, meaning that they do not contain the intoxicating compound (THC). For that matter, hemp gummies are considered legal, which explains their ease of access across most parts of the world. On the other hand, hemp-derived CBD gummies must have less than 0.3% THC for them to remain legal at the federal level.

Where to Buy Hemp and CBD Gummies?

Hemp gummies have been widely used for their nutritional content for a long time now. For that reason, hemp gummies are easily available in organic and wellness stores and online food chains. On the other hand, CBD’s availability has been restricted to brick & mortar stores, vape stores, cannabis dispensaries, and select online stores.

If you truly wish to give CBD gummies a shot, you better purchase them directly from the manufacturers. There are well-known brands whose websites you can buy high quality CBD gummies at guaranteed discounts and quality.

CBD Gummies vs. Hemp Gummies: Which Is Better

Frankly speaking, the choice of either hemp gummies or CBD gummies basically boils down to individual goals. Whenever you find yourself at crossroads between these two gummies, remember why you wanted to try out gummies in the first place.

Hemp gummies will be the best option if you are looking for tasty ways to deliver hemp nutrients to your body. On the other hand, CBD gummies will be the go-to option if what you are looking for is a restful night’s sleep, mood elevation, pain, and stress alleviation. All in all, CBD gummies and hemp gummies are both valuable and great as an addition to your daily regimen.