5 Creative ways to pack Gift Cards

Before getting started with the gift card packaging we have to know that what is a gift card. The Gift Card is the voucher (certificate) or card used mostly used in the UK and North America. The Gift Cards are used to buy some stuff from online stores and other online markets. Some of the Gift Card is only useable for some Specific stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other Famous online Retailers.

But you can use the Bank Gift Cards to buy stuff from your local stores. They’re applicable to buy other stuff from the market. Also, gift cards are a great way to give as a gift to your friends, family, and other love ones. But as we know the gift cards are small so it’s often hard to find a unique way to pack the gift card.

An Envelope is a great way o pack a gift card but it’s really common and simple to do that. It’s nice to pack you a gift card and give it to your family/friend in a special way so that they know that you care for them.

So here we go with some of the Creative ways to pack your Gift Card:

1. Personalized Gift Card Boxes

Give your Friends the Gift cards in the personalized designed gift card boxes. These custom gift boxes are crafted with special cardboard and provide you the facility to print your favorite signature, logo, brand name, and name. This gift card case box comes in different sizes and designs also you can customize the gift card according to your card size. These boxes are ready to go pack you just have to put your card and they’re ready to go.

you can use these gift card boxes to send the wedding gift to new couples. Also, these personalized gift card boxes are smart and fancy enough that you don’t need to do any additional glittering to make the box fancy for wedding purposes. you can get these boxes from the Custom Box Makers Packaging supplier.

2. Fruit Gift Bag

you can use the fruit gift bags to make your gift card more attractive and unique. To do this DIY and you can head to make and tell to know how to make the Printable Fruit Gift Bag .

These fruit gift card bags are small and smart enough to easily fit your gift bag and give it to your friends. The fruit gift bags are reliable and easy to create you just have to follow those steps which have been given in the DIY and your ready to go let’s jump to the third creative idea.

3. Party Popper Gift Card Holder:

This Type of Gift cardholder is usually used for party and other joy memorable functions. This Gift Cardholder is easy to create you can make this popper gift card holder on your home.

you just have to need a gift card which is one of the most essential things. 1×4 scrap wood cut @ 5 1/2″ l which thing is I think hard for you to find but you can use it’s an alternate cardboard shoebox and cut them into 1×4 scrap wood cut @ 5 1/2″ l size. Thirdly you need sandpaper, stain, foam brush, pencil, drill, brown paper and lastly scissors. After that, you can head to this DIY and they’ll go through you with the exact procedure to create a Gift card party holder for you.

4. Christmas Gift Card Holder:

As We know Christmas is one of the most desired functions and events for especially Americans and Christians. So you can use these tools to create a Christmas-specific gift cardholder. So here we go first of all we have to need Glass Jar and a plastic bottle which is a little bit wide so we can easily put the gift cards.

After that, you can paint the marker to writer HAPPY HOLIDAYS the good thing about the paint marker is that you can easily wipe off the wet paint if you don’t like it.

Next, you have to get a piece of green or any colored cardboard or scrapbooking paper and traced the mason jar lid, and cut it out to use in the image below..

After that, you can use the ribbon and tied them on a jar and place the gift card and your Christmas gift card holder jar is ready I hope you like it, and thanks to Catch My Party for this DIY.

5. Handmade Gift Card Envelope

The handmade gift card envelope is useful if you’re mailing the gift card or flying for the holidays. It’s really simple and easy to make a fancy envelope gift card.

First, you just have to cut a 4” or 5” inches wide circle out of felting (for this purpose glitter vinyl works best), after that, you can overlap the inner halve of the circle. After that, you can use glue or UHU to stick them together. After that, to close your envelope, simply make small slits in the flaps to tie a string through, or hold the flaps shut and wrap a string around the envelope to close. It’s a quick and easy way to add a homemade touch to the card.

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