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The Next Big Walking Advertisement of Your E-Commerce Business

Advertisement of Your E-Commerce Business

As the festivities approach all around the year, and now imagine a world where you find any custom gift boxes with a logo for your business goodies! Sounds weird, right? If you are into an e-Commerce business, then certainly, everything you dispatch through post goes in such creative packaging. The majority of the business go with this concept to differentiate their products from the rest. 

Those times are gone when business owners did not welcome custom packaging ideas. Nowadays, running a business only thrives when it keeps up with the latest marketing trends. As the COVID-19 is on a surge, millions of people have admired the idea of online shopping. This somehow indicates that your competitors are also geared up for the online competition. And surprisingly, most of them are in a win-win situation. 

Custom gift boxes

Custom gift boxes are something that fits easily into the packaging and dispatch process. They are durable, cost-efficient, and tell your story from the outermost layer. Not only this, they attract new customers while ensuring that the existing customers keep coming back to your business. The extra thoughtfulness in every packaging bag just simply wow the customers in several ways. It helps your business improve the buying experience, increase the featured price, turn regular customers into brand ambassadors, show appreciation, and create room for competition. 

After all, when you achieve the final goal of making your customers happy, undoubtedly, your business receives more attention, generates high revenue, and builds a loyal customer base. 

More than 40% of the online shoppers have mentioned that creative custom gift boxes with pleasing designs have encouraged them to make a repeat purchase. When a business does what its customers love to see and buy, it shows how much a business cares for its customers. That sense of belonging and care is the thing that brings them back now and then. 

Furthermore, if you are worried that customized boxes would cost you more than the ordinary ones, then here’s a quick thing to read on. Yes! We can’t deny that most of the buying experience aspects are quite expensive to revamp. However, custom gift boxes with logos are worth the investment. It just simply adds a decent mark and your story to the packaging. 

How can we forget the durability factor? 

More than 50% of the shoppers like to spend on products that come with durable packaging, as the product does not receive any damage in shipping. Clare Muscutt has this to say, “ Building a well-defined customer experience does not happen by accident; it happens by DESIGN.” So why not absorb that extra investment with a better-perceived value while delivering an exceptional customer experience and achieving the bottom line? 

Ultimately, there’s no other better way to say thank you than a custom gift box. With millions of businesses online, your appreciation can be the way that will help your brand to stand out. Because customers notice the little things and the creative aspects get their attention. They can be the soul and heart of your business marketing. JCPenney quoted that, “The Courteous treatment will always make the shoppers a walking advertisement.”

So what’s your go-to idea to design a swaggy custom gift box for your next venture? Let us know in the comments section below; we’d love to read your thoughts.