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Four Easy Ways to Earn PDH Credits

Four Easy Ways to Earn PDH Credits

Expertise is a process that helps a person go a long way in their careers. Whether they have been working for two or twenty years, developing professionalism is a good habit you must consider acquiring. The idea of professional development brings along continuous learning and a never-ending curiosity to know new things, which helps an employee stand out in the long run.

Out of the fifty American states, Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are needed in almost forty-two states to keep and renew the P.E. license. Getting and keeping track of these hours may seem hard, but there are several ways in which you can get these credits. 

Before understanding how to earn PDH credits, it is essential to know how you can get your professional Florida engineering license.

How To Become A Licensed Professional Engineer?

Four Easy Ways to Earn PDH Credits

Becoming a professional engineer is generally a multi-step procedure. The aspiring candidate must undergo a four-year degree course from an ABET-accredited institution. Also, they need to pass NCEES accredited examinations to become a licensed professional engineer. Then, the candidates must work under the P.E.s for at least four years before getting the license. After the internship, the candidate must appear for a P.E. exam.

Upon passing the exam successfully, the candidate gets the license. However, things do not end here. As mentioned above, you need to increase your PDH to keep and renew the license. Below mentioned are some ways in which you can boost your hours.

Attend Seminars

Many engineering firms have seminars that can be used as PDHs. Consultants or salespeople conduct these seminars from outside the company. Alternatively, it can also be organized by an engineer working in the company. The meetings talk about what they have learned in a project. Most of the time, you can get PDH credits for these, but make sure to ask whether or not you will get credits for these seminars. However, you might not get the credits if these seminars are conducted in a state where PDH credits aren’t needed to renew your license.

Reach Out To The SEA Committee

The SEA operates in most cities and states. If the body in your state is active, make sure to look into their events. Most of the time, you can get PDH credits from them. These events usually have a seminar where a local engineer talks about what they’ve learned from a project or how the coding part has changed. In addition to learning new things and getting PDH credits, these events are a great way to meet other engineers in your area.

Contact Organizations With Members From All Over The World

Looking at the bigger picture, national member organizations like ASCE, ASIC, and the ACI offer on-demand PDH credits seminars. These are great places to find out more about specific subjects. An annual membership at ASCE gives you ten free PDH credits, and AISC’s webinars are all free. But you have to pay to have them count as PDH credits.

Take Part In A Conference

Most conferences have shifted to online mode. So you can attend them without paying for travel or commuting. Being a part of a conference is a fantastic way to get a lot of PDH credits in a short time.

To network with others, some manufacturers’ reps may provide complimentary lunch-and-learn sessions at your company or a nearby venue. This is an excellent chance for professional development, asking essential questions, and learning more. Representatives must ensure that their presentations don’t focus on specific products but instead talk about problems that engineers may face if they want to be accredited providers of PDH credits.


Continuing education can enhance your career, improve your abilities, and make you more marketable if you need to find a new job. These steps, as mentioned above, will help you become a licensed professional engineer and to renew the license at regular intervals.