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Home » Eicher 242 Tractor Price 2023, Specification and Review

Eicher 242 Tractor Price 2023, Specification and Review

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Eicher 242 Tractor Price 2023, Specification and Review

Eicher 242 is the most popular and renowned mini tractor in India. It is a 25-hp compact tractor that offers modern and advanced technology for efficient working. It supplies many innovative features at a low Eicher 242 tractor price. 

The model has one-cylinder engine power for small farms. The farm machine belongs to Eicher company which is popular for its innovative service and products. The company provides the widest range of tractors, starting from 18 hp to 60 hp. These tractors are suitable for every type of farming. The price range of these tractors is Rs. 2.90 Lakh* – Rs. 6.90 Lakh*. Eicher 242 is stuffed with powerful features that provide high production. 

It is an excellent tractor model widely used among farmers for its finest power and strength. The farm vehicle comes with a large operator area that provides smooth and comfortable working. With innovative qualities, it improves the output on the farms. Eicher 242 tractor price is economical for small and marginal farmers. 

Eicher 242 tractor price is Rs. 3.85 Lakh*. It easily fits into the farmer’s budget. The machine is stuffed with unique qualities that make superb work result in good input. It consists of many outstanding features which provide nice performance in the field. The 242 Eicher is designed according to tough and harsh conditions. With a 35-liter fuel tank, it works for a long time in farming fields. 

If you want to purchase this tractor model, you have to visit us to get a fair price and accurate information about the model. Here you can compare this model with other tractor models to clear your doubts. 

The Eicher 242 model has a tempting and classy design that attracts every farmer. The lifting power of this model is high to lift the loads and implements. 

Why would a farmer select an Eicher 242 tractor?

This tractor is packed with options.

  • Eicher 242 tractor comes with one clutch for improved functioning and mechanical steering using either oil- or dry-drenched Disk Brakes. They are designed an impressive performance while slowing down.
  • Eicher 25 HP tractor comes with dry Disk Brakes and an element to be used for Oil Brakes, which the farmers are able to pick up if they need.
  • Eicher tractor 242 appears with a fuel tank of 35 liters limit as well as a 900 Kg lifting capacity of hydraulic machines.
  • Eicher 242 tractor weight is 1735 kg with 2WD (Wheel Drive).
  • Eicher tractor 242 appears with 2WD wheel drives and 6.00 16 x 16 front tire, or back tire that measures 12.4 28 inches.
  • Eicher 242 comes with a distinct Friction Plate kind of grip which makes a tractor easy to use for any agriculture exercise.
  • Eicher Tractor 242 is equipped with 25 HP, which results in 1557 CC, with one cylinder.
  • It comes with 8 Forward + two Reverse Boxes which have 27.66 km/h speed.

Price of Eicher 242 Tractor

Eicher 242 tractor costs the equivalent of Rs. 3.85 Lac* in India. Eicher tractor 242 price is lower for all the small and small farmers. The price is Eicher Work Tractor 242 can be affordable, with great highlights for small land farmers.

The price on the street of this Eicher 242 Tractor can be described as affordable and a good deal for consumers. It’s a 25 HP tractor that is a very moderate agricultural vehicle. The tractor’s price is appropriate for everyday use and is a good fit into the budgets of farmers. Every farmer regardless of having a lot of money buys it at the street price for Eicher 242 across India.