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How Voicemail Marketing Can Expand Your Customer Base?

Voicemail Marketing

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, your business can’t thrive or grow.  This is why most businesses focus on targeting and acquiring customers to increase their profitability and ensure business success. 

Today, you have lots of options to market to prospects and broaden your customer base. One marketing option that’s on-trend right now is voicemail marketing. 

Voicemail Marketing

In this comprehensive article, you’ll see the basics of voicemail marketing and its core mechanism– how to leave a voicemail without calling. The article also enumerates several benefits and how it helps your business attract and gain more customers while also sharing some valuable tips on how to create effective voicemail sales pitches. 

What Is Voicemail Marketing?

Voicemail marketing, also known as ringless voicemail marketing or voicemail drops, is a relatively new branch of telemarketing technique that allows your business to create personal connections with your prospects and customers to expand your consumer base. Although new, voicemail marketing is a more powerful marketing strategy than traditional telemarketing methods such as phone calls and text messages. 

Its goal is to help you leave strategic voice messages or pre-recorded sales pitches directly to your prospects’ or consumers’ phones, compelling them to call you back. Unlike traditional voicemails though, voicemail drops can be delivered without the customer’s phone ringing. 

How Does It Work?

To implement voicemail marketing, you’ll need reliable software that uses adaptive signaling technology like Drop Cowboy Ringless Voicemail. This software helps route calls through voicemail servers allowing your calls to go directly to voicemail without interrupting your prospect in any way.

Using this software, your voicemails can go to any phone number with cloud-based voicemail including landlines, cellphones, and voice-over-internet (VoIP) numbers. 

5 Ways Voicemail Marketing To Expand Customer Base

Voice drops are an effective modern marketing strategy that allows you to reach and expand your customer base in less time and without interrupting a prospect’s schedule —you can learn more about ringless voicemails from this video link.

 Here’s how these voicemails help: 

It Allows You To Reach A Broader Audience

Voicemail marketing allows you to broadcast your sales message to a broad audience with just a single click. Unlike traditional telemarketing strategies like phone calls, you don’t have to wait for a prospect to answer before passing your message. With voicemail software, you can easily dispatch your pre-recorded message to your contact list. 

Plus, you can do that without manual intervention by your agents. This means that your sales representatives can contact a broader audience with minimal time. With more prospects you can reach out to, you increase the chances of conversion and generating a sale. 

It Helps Create A Better Pitch

Every sales agent knows that a sales pitch can make or break their telemarketing campaign. In baseball, good pitchers can strike batters out. However, in sales, a good pitch connects and scores a home run. 

A quality script can strike a chord with your prospects. While you can prepare a script for traditional telemarketing methods like phone calls beforehand, voicemail marketing allows you to have a better pitch. With phone calls, agents read live sales scripts to each prospect and client. This can result in a poor connection due to poor or emotionless delivery of the message. 

With voicemail, you can send a pre-recorded pitch that’s perfected in terms of consistency, tone, emotion, engagement, and delivery. This can help bring more value to your messages that make the right impact on your prospect’s mind.

It Guarantees Listening And Quality Leads

Your message is delivered straight into a recipient’s voicemail inbox. You don’t have to wait for a prospect to answer your call only to tell you that they’re not interested or simply drop the call before you can make a pitch. It’s up to them to open the message whenever they’re ready. 

This means that those who are open are more likely to listen to your full message instead of accepting a call for the sake of it. It also allows your recipient to play your message again if they missed important bits when played the first time. Thus, you can be certain that prospects can internalize what you wish to say. 

And when someone calls you back, you’ll know that they’re interested in your services or products. You get a higher rate of returned calls that guarantees quality leads. This allows you to focus your agents’ efforts on accommodating and nurturing prospects who actually responded to the message.  Eventually, you’ll start to see increased conversions, your customer base, and business profit.

It Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should always be on top of every business’s priority. It has a huge impact on a customer’s future purchase decision and also contributes to your customer base expansion. After all, customer satisfaction can make the difference between having loyal brand ambassadors referring your business to others or a grumpy individual damaging your reputation. 

That said, good communication and consistent engagement are key to keeping prospects and customers happy and satisfied. In contrast, poor interaction can cause a customer to stop doing business with your business ever again. Thus, you must prioritize customer experience in your contact centers. You can do this by implementing voicemail marketing. 

So, how can voicemail drops help increase your customer satisfaction?

Low Levels Of Interruption

Traditional telemarketing methods like phones tend to be highly interruptive. Issues such as bad timing or being disruptive and distractive can cause customer dissatisfaction. To give you a better idea, consider this scenario:

It’s already a stressful morning at work, and your boss gave you an earful on missed deadlines. Then your phone rings, and you take the call only to hear a sales pitch thrown at you, which even makes you irritated and furious. Regardless of what the sales agent is offering you, you’ve already formed a negative opinion due to the bad timing. 

Scenarios like this only harm your marketing efforts. However, you can avoid such scenarios with voicemail marketing. It helps you steer clear of the wrong timing trap, allowing you to reach your prospects in a less disruptive way. Prospects will only hear your voicemail when they open their voicemail box, reducing the risk of annoying or disturbing your prospects. 

Not To Salesy

Did you know that over 60% of consumers don’t want a pushy sales representative? They want someone who can give them relevant information. But for a salesperson, persistence is key to success. However, there’s a difference between providing value to customers and stubbornly pursuing prospects who are uninterested. And a salesperson that’s too salesy can damage your relationship with customers. 

You can remove the live human aspect from the equation using voicemail marketing. This means you can deliver a consistent marketing message without being too pushy or desperate to make a sale. As a result, it creates a more positive interaction with your prospects. 

A voicemail drop allows your prospect to take in your sales pitch without being annoyed or feeling pushed to buy. By eliminating the pressure, you can help leads to seriously consider the pros of buying your products or subscribing to your services. 

Have Better Responses

Unlike live phone calls, voicemail drops provide more time for your sales agent to prepare a response. A prospect can also return a recorded or detailed message on their queries or the necessary information they need. As a result, your sales reps have more time to prepare adequately or think through their response before returning the call. 

This works well for businesses, particularly in cases where a prospect requests detailed feedback or research. With better responses, you can also increase your customer satisfaction and push prospects to conversion and sales. 

Eliminating Error

It’s normal to make mistakes. Even your best sales representative can mess up and say things that can cost you a prospect’s audience. While some prospects may not be bothered by it, others may not be so understanding. That said, even if it’s not a ‘Karen,’ mistakes can still make you look unprofessional and lower customer confidence and satisfaction. 

You can prevent human error from causing damage to your business. Using voicemail marketing allows you time to fine-tune your pitch. You can prevent petty mistakes while ensuring that you create a unified message to all your prospects and customers. It also spares your sales agents humiliation.

Ensuring Personalization

Customers want to feel you already understand them from the first interaction with you. They want to be treated as individuals and voicemail marketing can help you achieve that. For one, voicemail drops directly to a recipient’s voicemail inbox, making it more personal and targeted to them than other marketing methods such as social media posts. 

In addition, new innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are making it possible for sales agents to customize their voicemail notifications by adding the recipient’s name and using name groups to send messages to various customers. It also allows you to direct your message to a specific customer group for a more personalized marketing message. 

It Provides You With Better Insights

Traditional telemarketing strategies such as cold calling may be more difficult to monitor and track your marketing efforts. But this is not a problem with voicemail drops. The voicemail marketing software, being a newer technology, allows you to collect the necessary data and statistics. 

By getting access to accurate metrics on your voicemail marketing campaign, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, it helps you make well-informed decisions for tweaking your sales pitch or strategies to gain better results towards reaching more customers and growing your business. 

Voicemail Marketing: How To Make The Perfect Sales Pitch

As mentioned before, your sales pitch can make or break your marketing campaign. Here are some tips on how to craft a compelling voicemail message that converts. 

How To Make The Perfect Sales Pitch

Keep It Short And Concise

Prospects won’t listen to a long voicemail from a stranger. So, a voicemail past 30 seconds will get a ‘delete’ verdict. In contrast, an overly short message may confuse a prospect about your message or assume that it’s not something substantive. About 20-30 seconds is the sweet spot, sparking curiosity without taking too much of their time. 

Start With Relevant Information

Don’t start declarative. Skip the starting phrase of introducing yourself and your company. In general, as soon as a prospect realizes that the voicemail is a sales pitch, it gets deleted immediately. Thus, you want to start with something relevant to the customer, like nudging their pain point or a thought-provoking question. 

Check Your Tone

Your voice and tone convey more than you realize. You can sound bored, tired, happy, or excited just by your voice. Fortunately, a voice drop allows you to send pre-recorded messages with a consistent tone. That said, don’t overdo it either, you’ll just sound fake. You want to deliver a message that sounds as if you’re conversing with a friend in person. 

Delete Awkward Silence

Having a weird silent gap is a terrible thing to have in a voicemail message. It makes your customer uncomfortable and may cause them to think you’re unsure of your offering. It also takes up precious seconds on your sales pitch and wastes a prospect’s time. So, make sure to remove any awkward silence in your pre-recorded messages. 

Slow Down

You want to start your message with cadence. However, the longer you speak, try to go slower. By the time you get to your contact details, you should practically be crawling. This tactic can make prospects and customers more likely to finish listening. Plus, it makes you sound articulate and confident.

Take Away

It’s no secret that the telemarketing industry has evolved and gotten better in the past years. Technologies like ringless voicemail have helped businesses create more pleasant and meaningful communication with prospects and ultimately convince them to become paying customers. 

Voicemail marketing is truly a powerful method for delivering valuable sales pitches and offerings to prospects and customers without being intrusive. It’s cost-effective and far more efficient than traditional telemarketing. It helps in increasing your customer acquisition efforts and boosting profits, pushing your business towards expansion and success.