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Eyebrow Transplants – Pros and Cons and Its Success Rate

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Reasons Why People Need Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplant is the most natural and permanent way to restore eyebrows. Everyone who is suffering from thinning eyebrows can benefit from this procedure. Many people suffer from this problem due to health issues or age. The common reasons for thinning eyebrows are aggressive plucking, laser hair removal, or age.

Most women use eye pencils to shape their eyebrows. The results, most of the time, are not natural, and this leads to low self-esteem. Always go for the most permanent way, which is an eyebrow transplant. The process of restoring eyebrows is the same as that of a hair transplant. The surgeon uses either FUE or FUT methods. After the procedure of the hair transplant, the doctor will give you some aftercare instructions. Make sure to follow them for a quicker recovery.

Success Rate

After the surgery, your hair will start growing in two to three months. In six to twelve months, your eyebrows will be fuller and more natural. This process is permanent and natural, and anyone suffering from thinning eyebrows should go for it.

Eyebrow transplant works in such a way that hair is harvested from the back of your head. They are then planted to the eyebrows. The procedure requires the doctor to be very careful so that he may get natural results. The surgeon will not use scalpels or stitches because the process is micro-surgical.

During the procedure, the surgeon will give you some local anesthesia to minimize the pain after making incisions in the donor sites and the areas where the transfer will occur. The whole procedure takes two to three hours to complete.

The recovery time for eyebrow transplants is short and quick. You may feel some scrubbing around the brow areas within the first few days of the process. Make sure not to massage your head gently to avoid excess bleeding.

If you are in any workout routine, make sure to stop it for a few weeks for a quick recovery. You may as well see the transplanted hair fall. The falling is average because they are giving your new eyebrows space to grow. If, in any case, you start bleeding excessively, swelling, or pus on the scalp, call your doctor immediately.

Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Transplant

Reasons Why People Need Eyebrow Transplants


The following are some of the pros of eyebrow transplant;

Real Thick Eyebrows

Thinning eyebrows are caused by genetics, age, stress, poor nutrition, and burns. Undergoing eyebrow transplant helps you to get really thick brows. These brows will help you prevent water or sweat from your head from getting into your eyes. They also prevent dust from falling into your eyes. The eyebrow transplant procedure will help to protect your eyes from any damage. Always go for this procedure since it is also permanent.

Improved Facial Expression

Eyebrows help in showing your facial expressions. Eyebrow transplant helps to define your brows and give you an improved shape. The right shape and angle will enable you to express your thoughts well.

Enhanced Appearance

Full eyebrows will help you look beautiful and attractive. You can attend parties with your newly transplanted eyebrows. The procedure will also save you the stress of having to draw them to look better. The process will also make you feel sexier, which boosts your self-confidence.


Slow Hair Growth Rate

The new hair takes 6n to 12 months to grow ultimately. This time is long for those people that want instant results.

Routine Trimming is Needed

You will be required to trim your new eyebrows every one or two weeks. Trimming helps you look good. If you are a busy person, this process may be tiring.

Second Eyebrow Transplant

To get the best outcome, you will have to undergo a second transplant. This is a disadvantage because you will have to pay more and invest time.


Eyebrow transplant is the best way to restore thinning brows. It is fit for both men and women and is a permanent solution. To get the best outcome, always look for the best surgeon and clinic. Also, the doctor will examine you to see whether or not you are the right candidate.