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Expert Divorce Lawyers in Hertfordshire for Setting Matrimonial and Separation Disputes

An experienced legal firm provides professional divorce lawyers in Hertfordshire. Whether the couple married and want to divorce each other or unmarried couples who want to separate, complete assistance is provided. The divorce lawyers help in understanding the options available to their clients regarding the division of their personal assets, business interests and the arrangements regarding their child.

The divorce lawyer will help the couple in settling the division of their assets and rights over their child through mutual consent. So that the need to contest in a court of law does not arise. The lawyer can also take help from a third party in the form of a mediator.

The divorce lawyer appointed by the firm will give sound legal advice to the client about the best possible course of action. If the case reaches a court of law, then the lawyer will provide good representation to the client. And get the best possible outcome while defending the interests of the client.

Some of the major issues for which assistance are provided are as follows.

Financial Issues

The client can make an application for financial relief on divorce. The divorce lawyer will guide the client through the entire process of making the application and try to get maximum financial relief. Financial relief can be periodical payments, lump sum payment, maintenance payment. Transfer of property to belonging to either or both the partners to one party to another. Sale of the matrimonial property and pension orders. If the couple agree on the terms of division of the marriage assets with the help of their divorce lawyers. A consent order drawn up which submitted in the court for judge’s approval.

Children Issues

The divorce lawyers help in making applications for a number of issues pertaining to children in the event of divorce. The various types of applications for which assistance is provided include residence order, contact order, specific issue order, prohibited steps order and parental responsibility order. The divorce lawyer will help the couple in settling their disputes regarding their child outside court. But relevant application would be filed if no settlement is reached.

Other Services

Pre and Post nuptial agreements to divide assets in the event of divorce and living together agreements for unmarried couples living together also prepared by a legal firm offering divorce lawyers.