4 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience Using Order Management

Every business wants to boost productivity and ensure customer satisfaction. Whether a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor, you need to need to bring into play the best industry practices to enhance the customer experience. Any of the intuitive ERP solutions can help you simplify, streamline and speed up how you manage your inventory and sales orders within your business.

Up-to-date stock and sales data is a simple way to build and improve your customer and internal relations. When your teams work in collaboration using a fully integrated order management software, you will be having the same real-time inventory data and sales that’s essential to run seamless business operations. Your customers will be equally satisfied because of the maximized productivity and profitability with automation and integration.   

Automation is key to healthy customer relationships.
Here, we are considering data automation – from inventory to purchase and sales orders, and project management, etc. – that will not only help you run your business smoothly but also accelerate the order to cash process and hence, customer experience.  

Let’s take a look how order management backs the consumer experience.

Quick Access to Customer History:
When a customer contacts you, it becomes mandatory for you to get instant access to the same customer’s history if there is any stored in your database. Be it your sales, billing or shipping department, your staff need to have the real-time data of all the old customers and capabilities of entering and managing the new customer’s data. It will help you understand the customer’s situation and accommodate his requirements accordingly that will, ultimately, make him realize that you care for his business and orders he’s placing with you.   

Simplify & Accelerate Backorder Process:
If a customer wants to buy an item which is currently out of stock, your ERP system will auto-generate a purchase order from the received sales order using the inventory and order management database in your manufacturing ERP system and put it on the top of the urgently required stock. This is how the sales order management module helps speed up the backorder process and therefore, improves the customer service quality coupled with enhanced efficiency of your business sales inventory workflow.  

Partial Shipments Management:
Partial shipments or remaining orders aren’t easy to manage without the right ERP software. Sales order management helps you make a well-informed decision about stockpiling the products your customer wants to buy from you, but not having enough space to keep it. So, preferably, he will ask for partial shipments instead of waiting a long time to get the complete order delivered and that’s also when he has a limited warehouse space. It’s only your inventory and order management software that will help you ship it in the instalments Moreover, you will be having enough time to replenish your stock.  

Managing Reserve Stock for Buyers:   
Reserve stock strategy is an incredible way to enhance customer experience. Here, you protect the stock against over selling and keep it for the buyers you know might be interested in that particular product in stock. It is possible through real-time tracking of inventory and sales order. Small businesses with multichannel sales structure, especially need to be capable of reserving stock. It will help them build long term relationships with their clients.  

 Bottom Line:
Try your hands on the best ERP solution such as MIE Trak Pro for integrated, real-time inventory and sales order data for the good of both your clients and business.

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