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Dry Skin: Soothing the Itch in Winter

Dry skin can be because of several reasons, and the main reasons environment-related. One of which is overexposure to the sun and wind during cold weather. When dry skin occurs, the skin becomes itchy and flaky and starts to peel off. Dry skin usually affects the exposed areas of the body first, which in most cases, in the face.

It occurs because the oil produced to protect the skin is either not being produced by the body in quantity required or, due to extreme cold exposure, is being evaporated. Dry skin usually occurs in winters as if one exposed to extreme heat. The sweat that produced protects the skin, and dry skin does not occur.

If one has a dry skin problem during normal weather conditions, it is an internal problem. It could be an improper diet or if one has been taking medications, or also if one is diabetic.

The best way to protect dry skin is to gently wash with lukewarm water and not cold or hot water and then gently dry the skin by patting it. Please don’t use a bathing mesh or any abrasive to wash the dry skin or a towel to dry it.

Apply a moisturizer after washing dry skin or cream or oil. The moisturizer will wet the skin and make it look moist and soft. Applying oil or cream will help to replenish the oil of the skin, and it should be applied gently. Gently massaging the dry skin with cream or oil also helps in rejuvenating the skin. The best way to treat dry skin is to use baby oil after taking a shower or bath.

If one can take a milk bath (250 grams of powdered milk and some almond oil can used to make a milk bath) once a week, that will also help. If one’s lips are chapping or crack, apply some milk cream with a few drops of rose water on them. Do not use any hard soap or any soap or detergent that contains alkaline as this will aggravate the dry skin.

The moisturizer that one uses should also liquid-based, and oil preferred. The best lotion for dry skin is one that contains some oil and, preferably, almond oil. The best dry skin treatment is to replenish the skin of the skin by applying oil or cream on dry skin.

Dry, itchy skin can be quite irritating, and one tends to either scratch or peel off the dry skin. But, this avoided as peeling or scratching is only going to aggravate the dry skin and not help it. Resurfacing dry skincare products that don’t contain any chemicals used. And there are a number of skincare products manufacturers that sell resurfacing dry skincare products.

In some cases, Diabetes and dry skin go hand in hand as diabetes causes a reduction in production by the body of natural oil for the skin. Therefore people who are diabetic may have dry spots on the skin. Again using moisturizers and oil is the best way of keeping the skin looking fresh and normal.

There Are Particular things that anyone who Gets dry skin should avoid, and one of them is exposure to sun and cold, the other is using ‘hard water’ or hard soap. Also, avoid and cleansing or cold cream that has hydrogenated oil in it. Try and use natural oils like olive, almond, etc.

One pet dog can also have dry skin, which caused by a number of reasons. Like using a hard soap or shampoo or bathing the dog in cold or hot water. If one needs to bath the dog, use warm water and a chemical-free shampoo or soap. For dry skin brushing, use a soft brush, and don’t rub the dog vigorously with a rough towel after its bath.

In most cases, dry skin is a seasonal phenomenon and only occurs in winters; however, if one has dry skin even during the other seasons, one must consult their skin specialist and get proper dry skin therapy or dry skin treatment required.