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Does the Future of Optical Industry Rest in Tech-Savvier Glasses?

The prospects are very bright wherever the technology is involved. The prospects possess a similar nature when the optical industry is concerned. Because the optical industry is shifting its focus toward technology gradually. The upcoming eyewear products are giving perfect apprehension of this notion. Things have just started in this regard. There is a long journey that the eyewear industry has yet to cover. Things are going to be way too different and efficient.

Epson Sci-Fi Smart Glasses.

Epson has recently updated its Moverio BT-200 Eyeglasses to give them more functionality and more credibility. That advancement ended in the recently launched Sci-fi Smart Glasses. These glasses are very unique to Moverio BT-200. The prior glasses had only functionality embedded in them. But the recently launched Sci-fi Smart Glasses are paired with a wristband.

Myo wristband collaborates with Smart Glasses. It gives signals as well as gives other indications to the individual wearing it. It gives real-time notifications to the individual wearing these glasses. These Prescription Safety Glasses are soon going to be a trend in the optical industry. Smart Glasses with Myo wristband is a deadly combination that the audience needs the most.

Sensory Deprivation Shades

Nike has already been introducing amazing gadgets. This time it ended up in Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear. These glasses are made for athletes collaborating in practice and training sessions with minimal visuals. These glasses can give an indication and needed information to the athlete based on those visuals. Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear is programmed to sense the minimalistic visuals, movements, and instructions being passed on during the real-time manifestation.

It would collect the information being mainstreamed in a real-time scenario. Nike Vapor Strobe Eyewear senses the movements too. Based on your movements, it can give you measures and countermeasures.

Cordless Conversation Spectacle.

They were introduced by DoCoMo, a Japanese Tech Company, this year. Cordless Conversation Spectacles are made for video calling. Cordless Conversation Spectacles are comprised of compatible lenses. If you are supposed to participate in a video conference, you can use Cordless Conversation Spectacles.

These glasses are made for Video Calling explicitly. The lenses of these glasses are more like a screen of a mobile. They are transparent as well as support video calling in the best way possible. When the quality of video calling is concerned, these glasses give a very smooth as well as very clear video calling. Cordless Conversation Spectacles are basically a prototype.

The prototype worked very efficiently. It paved the way for more advancements in Cordless Conversation Spectacles after the productive feedback from the audience. This program is being apprehended as gorgeous as the 3M Safety Eyewear Program was once apprehended on account of its adorable traits and features.

Facial Recognition-Thwarting Glasses.

You are standing at a subway station. There are thousands of people walking all around you and you are looking for a particular person in case of an emergency, how would you do that? Do you have any system of such advancement that can find that particular person for you? There is no such advanced system that can find a person in a matter of seconds. What if you are wearing Face Recognition Glasses? You can give glance at thousands of people in a matter of seconds.

The supposed individual can be found out in a matter of seconds. The supposed person can be traced with these glasses. What if the person at the gate of your organization is wearing face recognition glasses and they are directly connected with the database of the organization? The guest can be identified before he/she enters the office. Sounds crazy indeed.

Page Flipping Eyewear.

Imagine, you are giving a presentation and you are sitting amongst the executives of your company explaining things, who would flip the slides for you? Who would make it for you at the right moment? No one. Because it is your presentation, not someone else’s. You can flip the pages with the help of Page Flipping Eyewear. This solves all of your problems and you can give an amazing presentation with the utmost professionalism.

Tech-Savvy Data Eyewear.

Military equipment is always very important. They require ultimate accuracy and ultimate efficiency. That efficiency and accuracy can be harnessed in various items. Connectivity and transmission are the most important paradigms for personnel. Tech-Savvy Data Eyewear has solved this problem to a maximum extent.

Tech-Savvy Data Eyewear has lenses that can be used for various purposes. Lenses of Tech-Savvy Data Eyewear can be used for see-through purposes as well as for the transmission of data. What if a soldier is having the data right in front of the eyes in a real-time scenario? It would solve the problem of data transmission for the audience. Data transmission can revolutionize the way of transmission for soldiers on their mission.