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Car Cleaning: How to Wash the Car on the Outside?

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Wash the Car on the Outside

How is the best way of car wash? Is it better by hand or to go for a car wash? What products give better results? At RACE we give you all the necessary advice to do a good exterior cleaning of the car.

If you want your car to shine like the first day it is important to periodically clean the exterior, especially if it is usually parked on the street. A clean car influences an improvement in the safety, comfort and condition of the vehicle. Dust, sand, mosquitoes are great enemies for a perfect body. Do you know how to wash your car so that it is pristine? Here we explain the keys.

How to wash and what products to use to clean the car?

Keeping the exterior of the car clean is essential for its maintenance and good condition to be in perfect condition. However, depending on the type of dirt it subjected to, it must clean in a specific way so as not to damage it.

Bird and mosquito droppings

Bird droppings are very acidic, and it is important to remove them. As soon as possible because they can cause corrosion in the paint. If at that very moment you cannot apply water (better if it is hot) with a hose. Use a tissue and, as soon as you can, finish cleaning it with water.

If it has become dry, under no circumstances try to remove it without water or the car body damaged. Mosquitoes stuck to the front of the vehicle can also affect the condition of the car. Therefore, they must eliminate as soon as possible.

Beware of sand and saltpeter

Above all, if you live near the beach or spend your holidays on the coast, you should also maintain proper car cleaning and take care of the car when you go to the beach since the sand that seeps through the holes and grooves, and that it sticks to the bodywork. Make sure to remove it well before scrubbing with a sponge or rag as you can damage the paint.

Ideally, remove first with pressurised air and, if you do not have such a cleaning system, you will have no choice but to resort to a car wash and use a lance with pressurised water without a brush, because this usually has stiff bristles and it can damage the paint.

Clean the rims

This is usually the part of the car that we pay the least attention to. But not only do they get stained with dirt from the asphalt; rims often get dirty with the grease and dust that comes off the brake pads.

A basin or a bucket with hot water, soap with a neutral pH. A microfiber cloth and a specific tire cleaner is what you will need to make your tires shiny. Forget about kitchen grease removers or oven cleaners, because they can damage them; Do not choose acidic rim cleaners either because they can cause stains, choose a neutral one.

The first thing is to pour water under pressure for a general cleaning, then you have to apply the specific product for rims and let it act for a few minutes, according to the instructions. Next, it is time to rub with the cloth. It is also advisable to go over the most complicated gaps with a silicone bristle brush and, finally, rinse with plenty of water.

Which is better: washing the car by hand or in the tunnel of a car wash?

For the exterior cleaning of the car you can opt for the fastest method. That is the car wash, by using the pressure hose, or by a detailed hand wash with a bucket and a cloth, which is known as detailing. With the last two, the result will be better. But you will need to dedicate a little more time to it. The steps you must follow are:

  1. Pre-wash to loosen dirt: Make sure that the windows and doors closed properly. So, that water does not get into the passenger compartment. If you use a hose, it is a very common mistake to glue it completely to the paint to try to remove all the gunk: don’t do it! You can lift the paint. Leave a gap of about 12 inches between the nozzle of the hose and the surface of the car.
  2. We started the thorough washing: From top to bottom so as not to drag the dirt all over the bodywork- affecting the underbody, the inside of the wheel arches and the tires. If you do not get to the bottom of the car well, you can always go to a local specialised in car washes, that rents elevators by the hour.
  3. We rinse the soap: Insisting on the areas where pieces are joined because they tend to accumulate more dirt. If the wash center offers you the option of shine or wax. Use it because the finish is better and it will be more protected. If you are washing it by hand, you can apply a wax protector.
  4. For a perfect wash: It is advisable to use a lambswool glove and then dry the car with a microfiber cloth. Take time to do this and pay attention to items such as the roof, headlights, chrome accents, mirrors, and glass. It will be better this way than leaving the car in the sun, as there may be stains.

But car washing not only limits its cleaning to the outside of the vehicle. But you also have to pay attention to the interior and take into account how to clean the car inside.

Getting your car to look like new is not just the job of professionals. You can also achieve it with the appropriate products, time and patience. Although you must remember that washing the car in the street not allowed. According to the General Traffic Regulations, and you can fine for it. And when you’re in a hurry, you can always resort to a quick cleaning in a car wash. Although it won’t have the same result as washing it by hand.