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Capture and Record Computer Screen on Windows and Mac OS with RecordCast

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It is always the situation that you need to record the computer screen of a critical webinar or a live game. In the past, if you wanted to record the screen, you had to install a third-party tool or use the plug-in on your browser. I want to tell you that you don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for a recording program or downloading or installing extensions as long as you have a browser and the Internet. You can easily record screen images through an online screen recorder on the RecordCast website. The point is that it is free.

Overview of RecordCast

If you think that the RecordCast website can only record the Chrome tab, then you are wrong. You can record the application window, full-screen, active windows in the browser, and support voice recording and even WebCam. It does not need to install anything. The program is free, which is really cool.

You can use it on Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and other commonly used browsers as well. It is quite fast, and it is not inferior in flexibility and operation. It is ideal for recording presentations and instructions in classes, conferences, and other possibilities. It allows not only to capture video and audio sequences but also to edit and modify the results.

How does it work?

Open the Chrome browser and go directly to the official online website. Then click the “Start Recording” button on its home page.

Screen recorder

In addition to recording screen images, it can also include Webcam simultaneous recording video overlay. I choose to test it with only the screen.

Before recording the screen, choose whether to include sound. The source of the sound can mix and match the microphone with the sound on the system. You also have the choice to not record any sound by selecting “No audio” and clicking “Start Recording.”

Next is the choice of sharing the screen, which is to choose the screen you want to record. There are three choices for the whole screen in the picture below, the application window and the Chrome tab screen. You can choose the entire screen to try.

At this time, you will see the RecordCast screen recorder is sharing your screen. Your mouse cursor track and text will be recorded.

Here you can pause/continue recording your computer screen. You can also restart your recording by clicking the “Re-record” option. If you want to stop recording, click the red button, and you will see the recorded video in the window. Then you can download it or continue editing it.

Recording video editor

Let’s take a look at its video editor. The current editor is the BETA version. But it allows us to upload music, photos, and video clips to merge them into a new video by adding text, and background, and make other adjustments.

The video editor is built with a wide selection of simple fonts and dynamic text. You can preview the effects and apply the one you like to your words. Besides, you are free to zoom, crop, and split the video at will.

After you set all elements perfectly, export your final video to high resolution (480p, 720p, 1080p) without a watermark.


If you have the situation to capture what is happening at a certain moment on your screen, check out RecordCast. RecordCast offers everything you need to achieve this on both Windows and Mac OS computers. It is a powerful and versatile program used to capture the screen. You can Google it to find more online tools for screen recording.