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The Smartest Way to Clean Home -Best Robot Vacuum

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Best Robot Vacuum

Worried about home cleaning? Take a seat and enjoy the cleaning with a robot vacuum or simply call it a robot vac. It cleans the house automatically with help of a vacuum cleaning system and intelligent programming. They do not require to be operated by humans but rather work autonomously. They can be scheduled to clean via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi remote control even if the operator is not around.

The need for Best Robot Vacuum-

Best Robot Vacuum
  • Labor-saving: It is so simple to be used by just pressing a button that even kids and the elderly can use it. It cleans up all the dirt, debris, dirt, and even hairs scattered here and there on the pet as well as the owners. No more backache using the bulkier vacuums of old times. 
  • Time-saving: No need for manual control, the amazing incorporated motor functions make it very systematized in use. Leave the best robot vacuum to finish the job efficiently and go ahead enjoying or doing other important chores. 
  • Thorough cleaning: normally used vacuum cleaners and sweepers are inefficient in cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as under cabinets, beds, sofas, etc. But the excellent slim body design of the robot vacuum cleaners easily reaches these areas and cleans thoroughly.

How it works:-

Most robot vacuums have 3 stages of cleaning and some specified mopping vacuums have 4 stages of cleaning. These stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: The two brushes at the side work together catching the dirt, dust, and debris from all the edges and corners. And bring it to the center primary brush.
  • Stage 2: The main rubber roller brush grasps all debris and the pet’s hair with the help of its bristles. And thus clean the floor of all dust, dirt, and stains. 
  • Stage 3: the robust motor pumps dirt into the filtrated dustbin. And the HEPA filters purify the air by getting rid of minute dust particles, allergens, and mites.
  • Stage 4: removes stubborn marks, dirt, and filth from the floor. The water tank supplies liquid continually to the microfilament cloth. Robo vac uses this moist cloth to clean the floor from side to side.

Most significant features of best robot vacuums:-

  • Navigation program: The new advanced robot vac uses a navigation program to delineate the room into distinct cleaning areas. This feature improves its efficiency. The navigation technology guides the robot to move comfortably around hurdles and helps change the route. The GPS memory of the robot helps it to monitor whether cleaning has been done or not. Hence no need to keep changing the mode and the robot can do all cleaning alone. 
  • This feature is very helpful as when the charging is over the robot gets charged. And with the help of these mapped cleaning, it returns to the point it had stopped. 
  • Scheduling function: A particular time can be set for the robot to start the cleaning process. The robot vac can autonomously clean in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Wifi-controlled app:  Simply install a particular app on compatible mobile, tablet, or smartphone. And these can be used as a remote control to instruct the robot using a Wi-Fi-enabled command system. When away from home it can be scheduled to start, stop pause, and even take photos or receive information from the robot vac. It can also be directed to clean a particular room or spot.
  • Avoid obstacles: Most robot vacuums have several intelligent sensors. For example – obstacles sensor, edge sensor, collision sensor, cliff sensor, laser distance sensor, ultrasonic radar sensor, Gyro sensor, etc. these sensors help the robot to move smoothly and adapt automatically to the near area to clean thoroughly. It saves delicate furniture and any damage to both the furniture or walls and the robot vac. 
  • Hepa filter: High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter is the best for cleaning pet hairs. These hairs produce allergens in the air. And HEPA filters remove these allergens and dust particles from the air.
  • Self recharge:  Primarily select a spot for charging which can be easily accessible by the ROBOT VACUUM. Now, the robot vac with the self-charging feature will automatically go to charge itself. It stays on the dock for charging till it does not have sufficient energy to go back to the spots it stopped and continue its cleaning. So, no more worries about the battery.
  • Invisible wall: Also called a visual wall. This feature delimits sensitive cleaning areas like the kitchen, toilet, kids’ toy room, and pet room. 

Check for three crucial points for proper functioning:-

  • Suction power must be high: For robot vacuums with a rolling brush, 400 to 600 Pa is sufficient. However, for robot vacuums without rolling brushes, a 700 to 1000 Pa powerful motor is needed. 
  • Navigation tech for complete cleaning.
  • Slim robot body.

Common washable filters and a removable dustbin make its maintenance easy.