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7 Best Mac Optimizer Software Available Online

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Electronic gadgets get slower by time and usability. Either it may be a laptop, smartphone, or desktop. This also happens with mac laptops and desktops. Using the machine for a long time like months or years, it loses its speedy behavior and starts creating a problem for the user.  So, we need to optimize our devices at regular intervals.  In this article, I have listed the 7 best mac optimizer software that regains laptop speed.

7 Mac Optimizer Software

Working on a slow laptop lacks productivity and disrupts the work in between. If you are a mac user and starting getting the slow mac problem. Working with a slow computer is not fun, that is a risk. So, I have researched and listed some of the best tools to optimize your Mac.


Advised by companies like Tech Crunch, Cult of Mac, and more, CleanMyMac X can literally make your Mac faster and you will get the experience of the newly bought computer. Just trust me!

This one is the best and all-in-one package tool that will remove junk, temp, and unnecessary files. So, it will increase the speed vigorously. Below is the list of actions performed by it:

  1. Clean up your Mac
  2. Increases speed
  3. Protection from virus
  4. Manages the  applications for you

The tool is available in 13 different languages with an affordable cost of $34.95 for the basic plan. You can use a free plan with limited features given to the user.


AVG TuneUP is the best Mac Optimizer Tool offered by AVG Internet Security. It will provide protection from viruses, malware, etc. Shows the PUP and unwanted files that you don’t need. You can easily remove them for better mac speed. It uses a multilayer method for scanning junk files.

  1. Hidden junk files
  2. Duplicate files
  3. Low quality and blurry pictures

You can buy the basic plan of Avg TuneUP at $79.99/year.


Macbooster is able to dig deep to find and remove the malware and virus present on your Mac. It optimizes the hard disk with the mac optimizer, so you will feel a new experience. Macbooster is able to find and remove 20 different types of viruses.

It can handle small and larger size files easily, no matter what was the size of the file. This is light and easy-to-use software.

The starting plan cost of the device is @39.99/Year. You can use Mac booster free version with limited protection.

Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac cleaner is one of the best Mac Optimizer tools because it is able to find and clean the files that are the size in GS’s. This has manual cleaning and automatic cleaning features. You can remove the junk files with just one click on you select them individually. Below is the action that it will perform.

  1. Cache files
  2. Log files
  3. Trash bin
  4. Unused files
  5. Duplicate files

Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes is an Anti-malware software, which is a kind of superhero for mac devices. Because it protects it from viruses and also optimizes mac so, you will enjoy the work. Below are some of the things you can do with this tool:

  1. Find and Remove Virus
  2. Remove adware
  3. Scan the Mac devices for vulnerability
  4. Block application downloads from suspicious sources
  5. Block Access to Malicious websites from opening

Avira Optimizer

It is one of the best mac optimizer tools which optimizes and protects. It increases mac speed ridiculously. After Cleanup, User experience like they are working on a new mac device. Some of the features are as follows:

  1. One-click scan
  2. Junk cleaner
  3. Find & Remove Duplicate Files
  4. Large file and obsolete file finder
  5. Notifications to remind about cleaning
  6. CPU usage monitor

Along with all these features, you can get access to Avira Connect, which is their splendid dashboard to keep track of everything from one place. You can download Avira Optimizer or Avira Antivirus for absolutely free.