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Best Gallery Apps for Android and iOS – Top 10

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Gallery Apps for Android

This can be described as a simple tool used to view, manage and organize images on your Android phone. Some phones may come with a pre-installed gallery app, like OnePlus Gallery, Samsung Gallery, My Gallery, etc. Besides, you can also install third-party gallery apps from Play Store .

Each of these applications offers its own features and functions, which in most cases are the same. However, they do have minor differences in terms of their user interfaces and customization settings.

Therefore, in this post, I will introduce you to 10 of the best gallery apps that you can easily Download on your devices. Follow me

Top 10 Gallery Apps for Android and iOS (1-5)

SB Gallery Studio

This application provides you with a lot, since it is the first application that we present for you to download on your Android devices. Created by SB Studio, you can use it with ease. It has many functions that you can use while saving and organizing your images in it. In addition, it provides you with photo effects and you can also organize your own albums as you like.

Gallery Explorer

Gallery Explorer app is also one of the best gallery apps that iOS users would love to have.The app provides you with many apps similar to the ones in this article. Also, it gives you an amazing experience that makes it easy to use the app. It has other categories of things and features that it provides you, like letting you know what you want to do.

Mobsnake Vertical Gallery

Vertical Gallery by Mobsnake is one of the favorable applications that you must try and Download on your Android devices. It allows you to do a lot with your images, such as editing, cropping, and adding other custom effects.

Gallery A +

This is one of the other applications that also allow you to do a lot with your images. The app is quite popular with users who have over nine million people using and rating it. In addition, it allows you to view your images in high definition. It also offers you another function where you can search for the album you want on your Android .

Flayvr Media Gallery

This is a very good application to use. It is free to upload to your Android devices. The app is pretty basic and has features related to most of the other apps in this article. Some of these features allow you to create your own photo albums and organize your library. It also has a feature where you set and organize your images based on the dates and time they were taken.

Top 10 Gallery Apps for Android and iOS (6-10)


This app shares a name with two other apps in this best gallery apps article. Like those apps, they share the same features. This app has other features that make it outstanding, which is that it provides you a gallery and vault lock, and more. You can get it for your Android devices.

My pictures

This application has many things that you can also use, but they are similar to what the other applications present to you in this article. It is an amazing application that allows you to manage all your images and view them in high definition and more. You can do all of this very easily on your iOS devices.

Ijoysoft photo gallery and album

Ijoysoft Photo Gallery and Album is a very good application that you can also use on your devices. The application provides you with its own features that allow you to view images in high definition. It also allows you to search and manage albums the way you want. The application is easy to use and you can download it on your Android devices.

New Gallery by Gallery LLC

Gallery New by Gallery LLC is one of the best gallery apps. Allows you to view photo effects to create 3D styles and 3D albums. It also allows you to create photo albums that you can choose from and provides you with a secret folder. So, quickly download it on your Android devices.

TVK Gallery

Gallery TVK is the last application that we will show you in this article. The application allows you to organize your images making them smooth and presentable. You would love to use this app. Also, you can get it on your Android devices.

10 best gallery apps for Android and iOS: conclusion

There are many gallery apps that you can use on your Android or iOS devices, but these on our list provide you with a lot more features. They are also the best gallery apps that you can get and Download. Get one now while they’re still hot and share your experience with us.