Best Cloud Backup for Photos – The Most Popular Storage Options Today

As a video creator, your camera source video files are a very precious thing you have. Project files are normally small and can be easily backed up. Nearly all else can possibly be recreated. Be that as it may, if you lose your source video files, everything is lost.

Ensuring you have a fast, dependable, and best cloud backup for photos and images to work from is the first step. Nonetheless, it’s insufficient by itself. It’s critical to have an overall plan and work process for duplication, media management, and disaster recovery. This includes both equipment, and software that require to integrate well with your style of working.

Online Video versus Offline Video (proxies)

To make things a little more tricky the terms “online” and “offline” are even used to depict source video files, and low resolution compressed video “proxies”. This doesn’t generally have anything to do with storage but; I’ll explain here to help make it clear the terminology and avoid confusion.

Online Video files are Full-resolution, original source

Offline video files are low-res, compressed proxy renditions of the online video files which have been reproduced (transcoded) straight from the online video file. Moreover, offline video files in some cases are called just proxies, are many a time generated to allow easier and quicker editing, if the full online video files are massively enormous or extremely slow for a desktop system to playback efficiently.

In this case, an “offline edit” can put use to the lower resolution, lower quality proxy video files for fast and liquid editing. After locking of the edit, the sequence is able to be reconnected to the full resolution online video files – a process that is known as ‘conform’ – for color grading and export of final deliverables.

Online Video storage has Large Capacity

Best Cloud Based Photo Storage and Video storage is your principle working media storage. It is generally extremely fast, has a sufficiently high capacity to store all the media you require for currently active projects, some other project that you may require prompt access to, and all else you need access routinely. It’s generally a RAID array and has to be configured for redundancy.

Simply because your RAID can endure a drive failure doesn’t mean it replaces the requirement to backup your files elsewhere. You have to keep separate physical backups of all media on your working online storage. Or, if you have the finance, even install mirrored online storage (besides offline backups).

Cloud storage getting affordable

Free Storage Free Cloud Backup is getting more affordable at the capacity needed for the backup of huge video files. Internet bandwidth is the primary limitation of how fast data may be uploaded and downloaded. Anyhow, certain services accommodate shipping hard drive if the data is needed earnestly.


By keeping a secure offsite backup of your media on the cloud you take a good decision. The best Cloud Based Photo Storage and video storage websites offer unlimited backup of your computer and external drives at an affordable cost, through monthly to yearly subscriptions.

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