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Importance & Benefits of Aluminium Balustrades

Before you have to make a choice between Sydney balustrades and handrails, it is better to know the real difference between both. It will not only help you achieve the perfect aesthetic look of your home but also keep you away from surplus expenses.

Sydney Balustrades and Handrails


The main and inevitable purpose of balustrade is to provide support from falling over the side of a stair or ramp. It is made up of several vertical posts or a solid section that sits at the side of the stair treads. The balustrades on your stairs are found under the handrail (this is what makes a balustrade different from the handrail). Numerous materials are now used to form the balustrade, including metal, wood, or glass. Aluminium is one of them, and countless features of Aluminium balustrade supremely distinguish this material from other types of a balustrade. 


Railings that run along the staircase are referred to as stair handrails. This rail can be held by your hand. It is the section that acts as a support or guide. The purpose of the handrail is to add strength to balustrades, thus acting as a strong home protection component. For good visibility and maximum safety, handrails come in different height, materials, and colours.

Types of Balustrade 

Here, you need to knock down to find out various types of balustrade!

1.    Glass 

If you want to add a classic, modern appearance to your home, glass balustrade is the right option. It creates unhindered views. One of the benefits of glass balustrades is that it creates unhindered views. Since they are made from toughened glass, they are relatively safe, and children can’t climb on them. Balustrade made of glass acts as a wind barrier; therefore, it is the right choice to create warmth in hilly or coastal areas, chiefly during winter.

2.     Wood 

Wood balustrades are a great option that offers a traditional yet classic look at the same time. Depending on the balustrading style you hope to achieve according to your home décor, wood balustrades can be coated or tainted to the colour of your choice and can be carved, turned, or left sleek. 

3.     Stainless Steel 

When requiring modern appeal, stainless steel balustrade is the exact option. These balustrades work in line with a range of other building materials that include wood and glass. Due to the robustness of the material, stainless steel has an eternal look. It can be used both outside and inside the home, depending on the choice of the buyer. It is manufactured with a variety of coatings that keeps water away from damaging their surface.

4.    Strand Wire 

It offers a modern look and is easy to maintain- making it similar to aluminium in this aspect. However, in order to add density and functionality, the regulations are quite strict in terms of the amount of wire required for safety.

5.    Aluminium 

You cannot look past aluminium balustrades when you want a cost-friendly choice. Aluminium balustrades are very hard-wearing as they don’t crude. Whether you use it inside or outside the home, very low maintenance is required to retain the long-term finish. This material, as a balustrade, is compliant to use in all weather conditions. The coating of powder provides protection and creates a beautiful lustre. The option of powder coating dictates that aluminium balustrades are available in a wide range of hues.

Benefits of Aluminium Balustrade 

Balustrade doesn’t only mean to add support and protection but also it enhances the style of your home, either interior or exterior. Here are some of the benefits of balustrade! 

Easy Installation  & Maintenance

Aluminium is very easy to install when compared with other railing systems. With so many simple installation kits that can arrive straight to your door, a technician require is right tools, and you would get the job done with satisfaction. Aluminium is also much lighter than steel and, therefore, transportation a much easier job.

In addition to simple installation, maintaining aluminium balustrades is also a freedom. You may want to hose them down with cold water from time to time, just to remove any dirt that may have collected on the railings. Other than this, you are pretty much set with these handrails.


Aluminium gains the first position again when price with durability is compared. Despite wood being a much cheaper option, it has a real potential to rot and wear away. With an aluminium balustrade system, you are guaranteed a high level of protection and full insurance that will last you for years to come.


If weather is a worry for you and your railings, aluminium will be a great material to depend on. Holding up against rain, ice, snow, and even UV rays, it’s perfect for every type of environment. The durability of aluminium means that it would not fall apart, thus maintain its longevity.

So, there is no excuse left to choose aluminium balustrades in Sydney that easily cut the cost without affecting the quality and durability.