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Aspects, Advantages, and Basic Features of the Gojek Clone App

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Gojek clone app

Gojek is an on-demand multi-service app launched in 2010. It was launched with the aim to resolve the challenges faced by people in their everyday lives. Gojek uses the latest technologies in the market to ensure that people get the best services to make their lives easier. Basically, Gojek offers more than 52 services, and it is divided into three main subsets. They are:


This section mainly focuses on offering transport and logistic services which includes taxi booking, food delivery, ticket booking, truck service, courier service, coupon deals, bike-taxi booking, medicine delivery, and more.


People can use this section for payment services like electricity bills, water bills, mobile recharge, and more. Loyalty points, tokens, and e-wallets can also be used with this app. Customers can make use of this service 24/7. The platform is efficiently optimized to avoid any fraudulent activities.


This section includes the on-demand services that are required by people in their day-to-day lives, such as beauty services, roadside assistance, home cleaning services, etc. With a few swipes and taps, users can get professional services at their doorstep. Trained experts will be on board to offer unparalleled service to every user. 

How to develop a multi-service app like Gojek?

Here are the two ways in which any entrepreneur can build an on-demand multi-services app. These methods differ in cost and time taken to complete.

Development from scratch:

This is a long shot, and it takes a lot of time to complete. You need to identify your business requirements and formulate a plan to begin. This is a traditional way, and it demands more work from the developers and will cost more.

Customizing clone apps:

Most entrepreneurs follow this trend in the current market. They need not have to worry about the app development process as there are experts who will make this process butter-smooth. These apps can be customized according to the scale of your business and its requirements. Moreover, entrepreneurs prefer to clone apps as they are cost-effective and can be developed quickly.

Advantages of having multi-service apps:

The on-demand multi-service apps are proven to be useful for both entrepreneurs and as well as customers. Hence there is a win-win situation for the stakeholders. These apps will be helpful to expand your reach as there are tools to hit your target audience.

Your marketing strategy should be bound to be more streamlined and efficient to increase your revenue and visibility. These apps guarantee a steady supply of clients for the providers and can be an effective way to capitalize on the opportunity to emerge as a winner in the market.

Users need not have to install multiple apps to get every service as they can get everything in a standalone application. This leads to an increase in the accessibility of the services. By offering various services, entrepreneurs can get more exposure in the global market. They can witness the rise in sustainability as the durability of the app increases.

Basic features of the on-demand services app:

User side application:

User profile:

Users can effortlessly register their accounts on the platform. They need to enter their basic information like name, gender, age, profile picture, payment method, email address, and contact number. Some providers can also choose to add social media plugins so that the users can directly log in with their social media accounts. 

All in one app:

 The Gojek clone app will be loaded with every significant on-demand service like

  • Food Delivery Service
  • Grocery Delivery Service
  • Baby Sitting
  • Taxi Ride Service
  • Bike Ride Service
  • Car Rental Service
  • Bike Rental Service
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Gardening Service
  • Tutor Service
  • Doll Up Service
  • Beverage Delivery Service
  • Car Wash
  • House Cleaning Service
  • Pharmaceutical Service
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Car Mechanics
  • Bouquet Delivery Service
  • Pet Grooming Service

Entrepreneurs can choose the services based on the scale of their business and geographical position.

Schedule booking:

Users can select the service they require and enter the date and time. The concerned professional will contact or approach you on time.

Real-time tracking and ETA:

The integration of GPS in the application lets users learn about the location of the service provider.  The real-time location will be continuously fed into the app from the provider’s mobile phone. It is also useful to reach the customer’s location easily. ETA time will be helpful for users to plan things accordingly. 

Reviews and ratings:

Reviews and ratings can be helpful for customers to choose a service provider. It also increases the transparency of your business.

Multiple payment methods:

Users should have the option to pay with their preferred method of payment. Every primary payment method, like a credit card, debit card, UPI, PayPal, net banking, etc., will be integrated into the application

Rate estimator:

 Rate estimator features also promote your business’ transparency as the users will know the estimated price before placing a request. 

Push notifications:

Push notifications can be an effective way to inform users regarding important news. You can send order details, promotions, discounts, and related news articles to keep the users engaged on your platform.

Booking history:

The users can access the records of their previous orders anytime on the application. The users can access the well-documented history with clear information anytime.

App for the service provider:

Profile information:

Just like the user-side application, the providers need to fill in their basic details to register their service on the app. Apart from that, they need to upload their documents like driver’s licenses, business licenses, certifications, etc., and it will be checked by the admins to verify the authenticity.

Control over requests:

The providers can choose to accept or reject the user’s request. No money will be charged for denying the request.

Earning report:

An e-report will be sent periodically to the provider’s email address. They can access the report anytime and download it.

Bottom line:

Get in touch with a clone app development team to learn more about the on-demand services market. Research the market to get more insights about your competitors to devise more effective marketing strategies.