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Are the short courses offered by colleges internationally recognized?

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The educational landscape is currently filled with numerous types of degrees and certification. While earlier a 3-4 year degree course was the only necessary educational credential, things are different nowadays. Companies seek skilled labour and look for employees that have upskilled themselves to the latest in-demand expertise. 

For example, instead of spending years on an accountancy degree, you can easily opt for specialized ACCA online courses to give your career the necessary boost. Not only are such short courses highly useful, recognised globally but they are also the most feasible option for professionals who are required to add to their learnings continuously. The only catch is that you have to be selective with your choice of an established institute while going for short courses. 

Future of learning 

Even before 2020 rapidly shifted learning platforms to online mediums, there was a big demand for short courses that were feasible and suited the education requirements of working professionals. According to U.K. based online magazine The Pie News, the demand for short courses has spiked by 500% globally in the last few years. 

In this gig economy, short courses are a perfect fit that allows people to acquire all the necessary skills for their job role in a short duration of time. As the dynamic business industry keeps changing as per new technological up-gradation among other changes, it becomes vital to stay relevant with the times. The biggest disadvantage that degrees bring is that they take years to complete and in that time-frame, students miss out on any new opportunity. Also constant ups killing is not possible in such a vast duration as changes in the business field are highly rapid. 

Benefits of short courses 

There are multiple benefits that come with short courses and some of the most important ones that you need to consider are the following: 

Internationally Recognized

Short courses have come a long way and are now among prominent educational qualifications that are nationally and internationally recognized. If you are studying them at an established institute and the course is accredited then it adds value to your learning and also impacts your C.V. 

Fill knowledge gap 

Upskilling has become a necessary requisite in the current times and one has to look for feasible ways to add to their knowledge bank and add to their skills. Employers expect candidates to be fully-equipped with current developments in the concerned sector. This learning can be directly applied to work and help organizations to accomplish their objectives easily. 

Highly Convenient 

Professionals working a full-time job often put their educational needs on the back burner as committing to a long term degree is not possible for them. In such a scenario, short courses are the most practical option as they allow one to achieve all their educational goals. They also give you the chance to study at your schedule so you can maintain your professional and personal life. 

Build a network 

Having a strong network is important for everyone who is part of the business industry. Short courses are a great way to connect with peers and other professionals in the industry and help in the exchange of ideas, giving you a new perspective towards things. 

Opting for a short course can help you climb the ladder of success and make you more efficient in undertaking your job role and bringing more productivity to work.  

This article is written by Nandita Kaushal.