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All you need to know about Facelift Surgery

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Facelift Surgery

Cosmetics has become one of the top businesses in the world that includes all facial products and facial treatments. There are so many non-surgical options in the market to correct our faces to look young these days.

However, even after the arrival of all the cosmetics, is facelift surgery preferred by the people?

Yes, it is! 

This is because a facelift is an instant and definite way to correct facial features permanently. Makeup can achieve you the picture-perfect look but only temporarily.

According to the study, even after the invention of various non-surgical treatments, facelift turns out to be an effective procedure. Since this treatment is long-lasting, it turns out to be expensive. 

On the whole, a facelift helps in repairing damage caused due to aging and saggy skin.

There are different types of facelift procedures for you to select as per your needs. This article will teach you the different facelift procedures. We will also give answers to all your doubts regarding the facelift.

What Exactly Is This Facelift Surgery, And How Is It Done?

Due to aging, our skin tends to shrink or sag, which causes wrinkles and fine lines on our face. In this situation, people prefer facelift surgery to make their faces look younger.

This cosmetic surgery which is also called the rhytidectomy rejuvenates the face and gives a natural-looking young face. 

This is achieved by removing excess skin on the face after tightening the underlying muscle layers. An incision is created from the temple area moving towards the opening sides of the ears. Then this cut goes around the earlobe and then behind the ears.

The skin is removed, and the excess fat is taken out. After this, the muscles are repositioned, and the additional skin is cut off before stitching.

Is It Quick Surgery?

The doctor gives general anesthesia before the surgery, and then he performs the whole surgery within 2 hours. If the incision is less, then the surgery needs local anesthesia and sedation to make the patient feel comfortable.

The scars of this surgery are not seen much because it camouflages in the hairline. Thus, the scars are unnoticeable after the recovery.

What Can We Expect Out Of This Surgery?

In this surgery, we can expect to have the following:

  • Tightening of the muscle layer under the skin.
  • To get back the facial volume that we lose due to aging.
  • Defined and sharp jawline.
  • Defined neckline.
  • Curvier cheek.
  • Firm cheeks.

What Are The Other Benefits Of A Facelift?

  • It improves your face complexion.
  • Results are longer when compared to any other treatment.
  • It is quite less expensive compared to other treatments.
  • Restoration of youthfulness.

What Are The Types Of Facelift Surgeries?

There is no need for you to undergo a full facelift if you have very few corrections. There are other facelifts like:

Mini Facelift

The procedure and the results expected from the mini facelift are the same but a simpler form of a full facelift. 

If you are planning to get a facelift at the early stage of aging, then you should choose a mini facelift. A mini facelift is less invasive and gives a subtle and natural look. This method also has a faster healing time when you compare it against the full facelift.

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift is mostly done along with the neck lift to treat the wrinkles and excess fat on the lower part of the face.

Here the incision goes around the ears, and it is not visible after the recovery. Some people just prefer a lower facelift instead of the full to correct their jaw and neckline areas.

Mid Facelift

This is also known as cheek lift; the surgeon performs it on the cheeks and under-eye area. People who need sharp cheekbones prefer this surgery. This is achieved by making an incision in the scalp and the mouth.

Upper Facelift

This facelift focuses on reducing the wrinkles present on your forehead. Especially to eliminate fine lines between the eyebrows and additionally lift your brows. 

Fine lines on the forehead make you look unhappy and less in confidence. This method will help you get a happy and brighter face.

All the above-mentioned facelifts fall under the full facelift category, but these can also be individually taken based on your requirements.