7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Sports Towel

When it comes to buying sports towels, you have to focus on a lot of factors. Choosing the right type of towel can make all the difference in the world. Sports towels are hard to find as there are so many qualities available in the sports towels. We have curated a series of guidelines to consider before buying an ideal cotton sports towel for you and your team. 

7 Factors to Consider While Buying Sports Towel

Whether you are buying a single towel or for your whole sports team. You should refer to these factors to find the right sports towel for you and your team.

1. The Right Towel Material

Most of the sports towels are made up of cotton and it is the ideal choice of material for your towel. The cotton sports towels are durable, absorbent, and widely available. Terry cotton towels, for example, are an ideal choice for a sports towel. They have a brilliant absorbency power and come equipped with a quick-dry feature which helps in preventing mildew and bacterial growth.

If you are looking for a towel that absorbs sweat quickly as well as dry quicker than the ordinary towel. Then cotton material is the ideal choice for your sports towels. Aside from cotton, Microfiber is also a worthy candidate for a sports towel since it absorbs and dries very quickly too.

2. Ideal Size and Weight

The size and the weight of the towel also matter while choosing the sports towels. Choose how big and heavy you need your sports towel to be. Towels are measured by fabric density, the thinner the towels are the less the weight.

Thinner towels are more affordable since they wear out faster as well. If you are looking for a reliable towel that will last longer then you should consider buying heavier towels. Buying heavier towels are a good choice as they can endure several washes and drying sessions. Keep in mind, that heavier towels can absorb more moisture and could easily house bacteria if they aren’t dried properly.

The size of the towel is an important consideration while buying a sports towel. You’d want a towel that is bigger than an ordinary hand towel and not too large that it gets hard to handle. Sports buffs who play sports longer will require a larger towel to absorb more sweat. An ordinary hand towel may work well but we suggest you use a larger towel.

3. Softness Quality

Most of the people prefer a soft sports towel as they are more likely to wipe their faces with the towel. Simply put, you need to ensure that your sports towels are gentle for your skin and especially sensitive areas like the face.

If you’re looking for a towel that offers both softness and durability, consider buying premium cotton sports towels. Although proper care of the towels is necessary for keeping your sports towel soft and high quality. Make sure that you handle and wash your towels with care so they can last longer than ordinary towels. Avoid harsh material and detergents to keep your towels soft.

4. Absorbing Quality

The primary purpose of a sports towel is to absorb sweat after an intense round of sports. While your gym towel should be absorbent, it doesn’t need to have long fibers that make the towels more absorbent.

You need to pick a towel that provides you an ideal level of absorbency, being too absorbent can also cause problems to the towels. Go for one that is absorbent enough but not so thick it accumulates bacteria.

Although you have to choose proper methods of caring for your towels as some of the detergents and fabric softeners affect towel absorbency. We would suggest detergents that are mild and not to harsh for your towels.

5. Durability & Towel Care

Gym towels should be washed after every single use to prevent the housing of bacteria and germs. Since this is the ideal way to care for your towel, you need a towel that is durable enough to hold up multiple washes. Also, you’d want to consider maintaining your sports towel. While they should be washed with detergent, refrain from using the harsh ones and fabric softeners as they affect the towel’s absorbency.

6. Time Required to Dry

Till now you must have realized that thinner towels are quicker to dry. Although thinner towels obviously wear out faster compared to a thicker variety of towels. If you are buying towels for a gym then you need to wash and dry them quickly, it is best that you buy quickly drying towels. Regardless of the size, material, or chosen fabric, remember that you have to dry your gym towel completely.

If a towel takes too much time to grow, it can be a home to bacteria and mold, causing unpleasant odors and even hygiene and health issues. Be careful not to over-dry the towels as it creates lint. To prevent this problem, you should consider separating your old towel from the new ones during the wash.

Separate the towels while drying them too, new towels often shed & create more lint during the drying cycles. If it is possible, air-dry your sports towel or use a lower dryer setting to prevent lint or unnecessary wear.

7. Taking Care of Your Towel

The biggest factor to consider while purchasing a sports towel is you have to learn how to take care of your towel. Sports towels constantly absorb sweat so they are to be washed after every use. Considering the temperature of the water is one of the first things you want to consider. The right temperature of the water can make all the difference.

Avoid fabric softeners as they can affect the absorbency of the towels as the fabric softeners can get in the fibers of the towels. You can also use a cap of vinegar while washing the towel as it can help in getting rid of bacteria and mold.


Choosing the right spots towel can be tough, but now you have all the information that is needed to choose the right kind of towel for all your needs. Follow the 7 steps we mentioned above as they will definitely be helpful in choosing the right kind of sports towel. 

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