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6 Powerful Notepad Alternatives for Windows

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Notepad Alternatives for Windows

Many people are familiar with Notepad text editor on Windows. To take notes quickly, it’s functional, however, it is more than that. We have previously discussed the process of creating realistic error messages, as an instance.

The development of Notepad has largely stalled. There haven’t been any noticeable modifications in the past year, or since Windows 2000, if not prior to that but you are able to keep the system from shutting down until you decide whether or not to save the file.

It is not surprising that there are other options and we’ll present to you the top ones.

Why should you replace Notepad?

This is a great first question as the solution is simple for users of average skill, Notepad provides everything you need with its limited list of functions. If you’re looking at this blog post, we’ll not assume you considered to be an ordinary user. You may wish to learn more.

Notepad limitations are often specific; however, they are there and could cause issues in the event that you run into them. Notepad could corrupt files with foreign characters if you don’t save the files. Notepad can convert characters in ANSI or UTF-8. Therefore, some files may not work properly.

Two items you can anticipate to see directly replacing Notepad Tabular lines and displays. Both are useful to developers, however, of them tabs, they are most likely to attract greatest interest to users who are looking to use them to write on. Tabs require no explanation, since they are now a necessity in web browsers.

Line counters, on contrary, could require an explanation. To encode, word wrap isn’t a good feature because it could cause breakage of lines or cause it to be difficult to display the way you would expect. Thus, lines could be quite long and identification becomes easier when they’re easily visible.

1. Notepad ++

If a name within this field is well-known this is Notepad++. Since its introduction in 2003, it has grown to become the most widely-used alternative.

Notepad ++

The initial purpose of development was (as the others on the list) principally to handle programming and development, however this doesn’t mean that it cannot handle text too.

Notepad ++ is a free application and, in order to show you how passionate its users are, there’s an online wiki dedicated to it.

Since v3.1 it’s flexible, meaning that you are able to enhance the default features. Based on the purpose you want to utilize it for You can also include FTP support as well as a spell checker or even a simple gameplay of Tetris.

Notepad ++ supports for “Themes” is also noteworthy. Your mind’s Notepad image has a blank white screen with black letters however it doesn’t need to be. The default themes are appealing, from soft contrasts to “black screen with green text” which you’ve been able to see in “piracy” scenes of most films.

If you’d like to play with Notepad ++ without bothering to install it. The website of the developer offers mobile .zip and .7z versions that are able to use with a memory card.

2. Notepad2

Notepad2 The name makes obvious that the goal is being similar to the current Notepad. The icons too are strikingly alike when you compare them. As of the writing time, Notepad2 last updated in 2012, even though it has fully-featured. The site of the developer allows users to download a portable copy in the event that you’d like to test the application without going through an installation process.


The user interface is simple and bright. By clicking on the toolbars with the right click and the program will altered further and adapted to your needs. The program to meet your requirements.

This ease extends to managing Notepad2’s settings. Instead of showing you an open-ended window with the options available the options appear in drop-down menus. Of of course, you don’t need to make use of the drop-down menus since Notepad2 has shortcuts for almost every single thing.

One thing we particularly interested in was the transparency. It’s possible to change Notepad2’s window transparent, and then hover over another object to view both. It’s not clear why it’s an option – it probably came out when Windows 7 was Microsoft’s flagship product, and featured the Aero interface.

If there’s a drawback for Notepad2, it’s the absence in tabbed browsing. Although it’s definitely more like Notepad, and has a layout that is similar to Notepad arrangement, however, we believe tabbed navigation is something that many users will be relying on.

3. Editpad Lite

A bit like a dark horse in comparison with Notepad2 and Notepad Plus, Editpad Lite is an alternative that does a lot of the same tasks. It has a particular significance to me because it is it was one of my first applications I can remember installing.

Editpad Lite

Access to files via tabs is a standard feature, but we believe Editpad Lite has the simplest interface, that it has its “Search” bars at the lower right. It’s a little outdated in comparison to the more modern programs, but neither does Notepad. Its minimalist interface is perfect if all you want to do is to write. It’s still a solid editor of code, but there’s not a clear-cut approach to it.

If you’re looking for an editpad that is portable Editpad Lite, the installer allows you to make one. It is rare for programs to offer this feature, and it’s an interesting option considering. That the majority available portable editions featured in the same way as the standard download.

4. NoteTab Light

NoteTab Light may not be the best text editor available there It’s still a fantastic Notepad alternatives. The application aims to function as an editor for text and a code tool, however the free version doesn’t have syntax highlighting. It only allows HTML as well as CSS.

NoteTab Light

For editing text It supports clipboard paste, text snippets text calculations, in-text, and fonts with variable widths. However, some essential features, like spelling checker and words count and print preview and multi-level redo/undo aren’t included with the paid version. Since many of the free notepad alternatives include these extra features, I’ve placed this at the lowest in the ranking.

5. GetDiz

GetDiz is an alternative to notepad which has an unorthodox look and feel that the other text editors that are available. The default backdrop is dark blue, and the text is white however, you can alter this by changing the settings.


The name implies as the name suggests, the program shows DIZ as well as NFO file that have enhanced capabilities and it can show ASCII artwork. You can also save texts, DIZ and NFO file in GIF images.


FluentNotepad is an best notepad alternatives designed to look and feel like Office with the Ribbon interface however, it’s a bit basic. As it hasn’t had any updates from 2010 onwards, I can’t suggest this application highly. Additionally, the ribbon UI only has one tab, and the program’s creator didn’t add any other tabs after that.


The only feature it has is highlight syntax for 10 languages of coding and opening several tabs. It’s not equipped with many options for editing texts and doesn’t have any code manipulation capabilities also.

These are likely to be enough software to choose the best alternative to Notepad. It all boils down to whether you require syntax highlighting to code or not.

If you are using a software that is not listed here tell us about it by leaving a comment. Enjoy!


Here are Three of the top Six well-known Notepad alternatives that can significantly expand the range of text editor functions that are simple to use. No matter if you want to create code or write text, one of the three options should work effectively.

With the time Notepad has been in use and how well it has been used. It’s likely that you could pick a different alternative and do not need to alter it ever again. If you’re trying to modify the program, Notepad ++ has the greatest flexibility, provided you know where you can alter a lot of the settings. However, it’s also the least complicated among the three.