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6 Creative Christmas Custom Product Boxes Ideas

Custom Product Boxes

The holiday season opens up marketing opportunities for many businesses. Christmas can be your perfect chance to add a unique touch to your Custom Product Boxes and glamorize them to make your products stand out.

However, with every other business involved in this cutthroat competition to be exceptional, what distinguishing element can you add to your product packaging so customers choose your business over others?

Christmas is already a magical time with its red, green, and white theme, beautiful ornaments, lights and sparkles, and above all presents! A Christmassy touch to your product packaging can make the gift-giving and receiving experience for people all the more wholesome and personal.

Be it custom product boxes, printed or cardboard boxes, etc., you have the opportunity to customize and transform your product boxes into the perfect present that not only captures the magical and miraculous spirit of Christmas but also adds a distinctive touch to your products!

So, here are six different ways you can capture the essence of Christmas in your product packaging and be a popular brand among customers.

Shape them like it’s Christmas!

Imagine cute little product boxes shaped like Christmas trees decorated with ornaments. Or perhaps a candy cane, or a snowflake-shaped product box wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon. Pretty sure you can already imagine your customers drooling over such adorable packaging, right?

The best part about using product boxes for your Christmas packaging is that they can be customized however you like. Companies like OBT packaging can readily craft product boxes in your desired shape, size, and design. This means a Christmas tree-shaped box is not an impossibility at all!

This is the most unique and creative customization idea for your product boxes. In fact, it comes with an endless variety of external decorations, such as printed color, tiny ornaments, labels, embellishments, etc.

These boxes would perfectly complement any small Christmas present and might even become a keepsake item along with the present itself!

Incorporate Rustic Designs in your Packaging

It’s not unusual to substitute the Christmas color with rustic designs for your product packaging. In fact, rustic elements can help you produce the most aesthetic product packaging that will make your customers go head over heels.

A rustic design would entail infusing natural details such as tree branches, wooden elements, jars with pieces of cloth aesthetically placed on their lids, and various shades of brown, green, and beige patterns and color. And what can capture a Christmas theme better than a snow-glazed pinecone?

Rustically designed custom product boxes revel in their simplicity and aesthetics. You don’t need to do anything extra with this packaging to enhance its look, a simple touch of ribbon, your logo, a hand-crafted message, or a label is enough.

This customization idea draws its appeal from the natural and organic beauty of the elements used. It creates a feeling of warmth and instils a sense of the cosiness of Christmas.

A Gold and Black Theme is Always a Safe Option

As outrageous as it may sound, gold and black color on a Christmas-themed product packaging can actually make your products a top seller!

Yes, these are not your symbolic Christmas color. However, with time, the hype for an extremely glittery and Christmassy look is being shared with the desire for simpler, more elegant and sophisticated packaging. The black and gold combination of color checks all these requirements.

With black reflecting elegance and the color gold being the embodiment of luxury, their combination can give your Christmas product boxes a premium look. Not to mention how popular they will be with the elite community of customers.

Lastly, a Christmas message articulated in a graceful font along with your brand’s logo can be the perfect detail to this packaging design.

Minimalistic Packaging

The ‘Less is more’ approach can also apply to the Christmas customization of your custom product boxes and is also guaranteed to appeal to customers.

A lot of people prefer minimalism to super fancy and detailed packaging. You can easily attract that group of customers by using subtle and simple designs for your Christmas product packaging. For instance, you could go with simple Christmas color prints, basic cardboard boxes, and elegant fonts, while avoiding very bright color and extra decorations and details such as stickers, labels, and ornaments.

Kraft Paper Christmas boxes are the perfect examples of simple yet classy packaging. You can adorn them with minimal decorations, like ribbons, or simply print them with warm and low-toned color to find the perfect balance of a subtle Christmas look.

Add the Colours of Christmas to your Custom Mailer Boxes

Online businesses that use Custom Mailer Boxes to deliver their products have a great opportunity to dazzle their customers before they even open their product boxes. This can be achieved simply by incorporating the Christmas theme in the packaging.

You can easily design printed mailer boxes using the symbolic color of Christmas, red, green, and white (for the snowy effect), to give your mailer boxes a Christmassy look!

Imagine the happiness and surprise on your customers’ faces when they receive their products in all their Christmas glory! Even though the customer has paid for their product, it still stimulates feelings of warmth and excitement in them as if they’ve just received a present from afar!

Not only do mailer boxes printed in Christmas color accurately capture and communicate the right holiday celebration, but they are also very economical. If you do not wish to go big on the Christmas look, adding the holiday color to your custom mailer boxes is the best option for you!

Go a little Fancy with Embossing and Hot Stamping

Embossing can be the key to taking your Christmas-themed packaging to the next level. This is basically a 3-D printing technique which carved designs on your custom product boxes so you can actually feel them on the surface.  Pretty cool!

Combine this technique with hot stamping, which is a technique that laminates your designs with gold foil to give them a luminescent effect, and you have yourself an exclusively exquisite custom product box for your products.

You can apply this technique to any Christmas design on your custom product box, from a Christmas tree to a cute little reindeer, or even simply a line of Christmas message printed on the product box.

A delicately glowing Christmas present sitting under the Christmas tree will be the highlight on anyone’s Christmas eve!