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5 Ways to Keep Your Bones Healthy as Your Age

5 ways to keep your bones healthy

Bones have a great significance in our lives. It is necessary to keep the bones healthy because our everyday life depends on it. Thanks to the bones we walk,talk and carry on with our everyday tasks.

 By Consuming Vegetables

Vitamin C is really important for bones as it keeps the cells from damaging. It also helps our body to produce more cells for bone formation.

Consuming large amounts of green and yellow vegetables during childhood increases bone mineralization. In a study it was verified that women who are above 50, consume onions often have a lower chance of having osteoporosis than a woman who barely eats them.

5 ways to keep your bones healthy

Vegetables also increase bone mineral density. Low bone density can lead to conditions like osteopenia and osteoporosis.

 Obtain a Good Amount Of Vitamin D 

Vitamin D has a number of benefits. It helps out the body by absorbing calcium from foods like milk,margarine,egg yolks and fortified yogurts. It protects the bones from several diseases like osteopenia.

Sadly vitamin D deficiencies are too common. Around 1 billion people are a‰ected by it. To get a good amount of vitamin D it is recommended to take supplements for older people. People who are above the age of 2 should drink 2 glasses to provide the body with enough vitamin D.

Green vegetables like broccoli are one of the best sources for vitamin D.

Children who have vitamin D deficiency usually develop a condition called rickets. To avoid these kinds of conditions it’s better to eat healthy.

 Quit Smoking

Smoking is a slow poison for your bones. It breaks down the production of estrogen which is really important for the bones to maintain the body. It also slows down the ability of the body to absorb nutrients and leads to many deficiencies.

The bones start to wither as smoking intervenes with the growth of bones. It is revealed that smokers take 50 percent more time to heal from bone surgeries than non-smokers.

The greatest thing we can do for our bodies is to quit smoking or not develop a habit of smoking because it does not benefit us in a single way.

 Do Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight bearing exercises require a lot of exertion but are very effective in strengthening the bones and slowing down the bone loss.

Workouts like Tai Chi consist of very gentle and elegant moves. It prevents bone loss in adults. It is proven that if a woman does Tai Chi for 45 minutes everyday for a whole year, the rate of bone loss reduces to three and a half times more than a woman who doesn’t perform the Tai Chi.

Yoga is also a great way to keep your bones healthy and strong. The body produces osteocytes while performing yoga due to the movement between the muscles which helps to slow down the bone loss.

Other simple activities like walking ,hiking, running, dancing and gardening are also weight bearing exercises.

 Consume Protein

Our bones are made up of 50% protein. It’s good for our body to intake moderate amounts of protein as it helps with the absorption of calcium and strengthens the bones.

Protein intake reduces the risks of fracture. It also increases bone density. However consuming too much protein is dangerous as it leads to blood acidity. It’s recommended to have 100 grams of protein to maintain your health.

It’s important for people, especially for women, to include beef, dairy, egg yolks and fish in your meals. Protein also helps to store bone mass during weight loss.

Having healthy bones can result in a more fulfilled and satisfied life.

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