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5 Ways To Drive Traffic Through Instagram Followers

Ways To Drive Traffic Through Instagram Followers

For those who want to drive traffic to the website, Instagram comes with some difficulties. But thanks to Instagram Stories, it has become possible to attract Instagram followers to websites that interact. Be sure to check out Social Captain’s packages for Instagram Story services.

The fact that clickable links cannot be added to Instagram content has been annoying users for a long time. Since there is only one clickable link in the Instagram bio, all users have to constantly change the link in the bio. Or he uses a service like a link in the bio. For this reason, Instagram seems to be a compelling tool to drive traffic to the site.

But thanks to Instagram Stories  Views, this idea quickly began to disappear. Instagram Stories is an easier and more effective platform to drive traffic to a blog or website. As a result, a large number of brands have added Instagram Stories to their Instagram marketing strategies.

Here are 5 ways to drive traffic to your site using Instagram Stories:

Ways To Drive Traffic Through Instagram Followers

If you have an approved (blue click) Instagram account or have an Instagram business profile and more than 10 thousand followers, getting traffic through Instagram has never been easier.

Some time ago, Instagram added a new feature to the Stories platform. As part of this feature, you can add links that allow them to be directed to other pages by swiping up the screen while looking at the content of a story.

Adding a link to Instagram Stories is much better than adding a link to the regular content caption because the story content; appeals to the visuality by using photos, videos, and many design elements and increases the interest in the link it contains.

2. Tag your own profile

Unfortunately, if you have fewer than 10,000 followers, you are not able to add links to Instagram Stories. You still have to be limited to the link in your biography. But Turkey’s number 1 site Instagram followers who Social Captain ‘followers may also buy at cheap prices and you can quickly express your followers hediyeli our submissions. So you can add links to your story content.

Regardless of your number of followers, you have the opportunity to tag other users, including your own profile, in story content. To do this, tap the A icon in the upper right corner on the add story screen and enter the name of your profile with @. After doing this, a clickable link is created that will open your profile page and be added to your story.

3. Take advantage of the “highlights” feature

Thanks to the “Featured in Instagram Stories” archive feature, you can archive your stories that normally disappear within 24 hours and show them on your Instagram profile for as long as you wish.

Instagram stories featured; It is a great feature to both show off your creative personality and show off your products and attract traffic. Before this feature came to Instagram, users had to find your story in the order of stories to visit a store, or visit your profile and print your profile photo.

Thanks to the featured feature, you can archive the stories you want and highlight them so that they are constantly visible on your profile. The featured stories are right below your biography and directly above the Instagram feed. So it’s literally in the middle of your profile.

So how does this feature help you attract traffic? If you are producing content on the blog or on the site, you can highlight the content you have recently published using the featured section. In short, the Instagram stories featured section; makes it very easy for your visitors to come to the right page where you want to direct them.

4. Work with Influencers or use a guest author strategy

One of the great ways to both gain more followers and attract traffic using Instagram stories is to take advantage of other Instagram users. You can allow another user to take over your account for a few days, or you can take over another user for content. To take advantage of the clickable link feature, make sure that the person you work with has more than 10 thousand followers.

Instagram influencer marketing has gained even more popularity with Instagram Stories. Sponsored stories shared by influencers in Instagram stories have become a frequently used strategy. You can ask Instagram influencers to introduce a product, tag your profile in their stories or add the link to your site to their stories.

You can try micro-influencers if you do not have the budget to reserve famous influencers for sponsored story content. For more information about micro-influencers, be sure to read our blog post.

Be creative and note that the influencer of your choice is suitable for the theme of your brand, site, or blog.

5. Use Instagram Stories ads

Instagram ads are always ready to help when you consume organic options. Don’t forget to choose your destination as “traffic” when creating an Instagram Stories ad. The target parameters are “website or messenger”.

A few tips on driving traffic via Instagram Stories

Make sure the site you want to drive traffic through Instagram stories is optimized for mobile. Almost all Instagram users use Instagram from their mobile devices, so the page you want to redirect them should be easily visible on mobile. After all the efforts to attract them to your site, do the necessary work to prevent a situation such as bringing them to a site that they cannot use properly on mobile.

Follow the clicks. Use, UTM codes, and similar tools to follow clicks on links in Instagram stories. So you can easily find out which link gets the most click and which story users show the most attention to.

The strategy of attracting traffic through Instagram Stories has managed to completely change the marketing industry. While you previously had only one clickable link on Instagram, now you can easily drive traffic to your site or blog thanks to Stories. That’s why many brands started using Instagram Stories immediately and integrated them into their marketing efforts.