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5 Things To Do Immediately After A Motorbike Accident

Motorbike accident happen more frequently and are different from car accidents. Unlike a car, a motorbike doesn’t have safety features to protect the driver or occupants in case of a sudden crash. Thus, the possibilities for potential injuries are more.

Post a motorbike accident ; there is so much confusion that you feel trouble thinking about what to do next. You might feel overwhelmed by the pain from the injuries. But, consider yourself lucky if you are able to walk away from the bike crash.

You need to the following things immediately after the incident in order to get fair compensation. If you are severely injured, your loved ones can take action on your behalf-

Put Your Safety First

Following the accident, safety is your priority. Check yourself for the injuries, making sure that you are fine. Also, check if the opposite driver, passengers, or any pedestrians involved in the accident are safe. Call an ambulance, if necessary. Also, report everything to the police.

Make sure that you are at a safe distance from the collision and you don’t disrupt the traffic pattern at the spot. Once you find that everyone is safe, focus on the legal aspects of the case so that you are in the best position to get the compensation you deserve.

Gather Evidence And Information

After you get involved in an accident, it is necessary to gather information and proof. As a motorbike accident increases the chances of serious injuries, gathering evidence is even more important to prove your case successfully.

Even if you don’t feel pain or spot any visible injury, it is still important to get all the personal, insurance, and vehicle information of the opposite driver. Gather as much information as you can from the other people at the scene, including emergency personnel, witnesses, responding officers, etc.

Keep your bike in the same condition if the other driver disputes the fault. Don’t forget to take photos of the scene, including damaged bike, injuries, etc. It can be used later as useful evidence to prove who was actually at fault. Document everything.

Get Medical Treatment

After an accident, it is essential to get medical attention. As mentioned earlier, your safety and well-being should be your priority. And, the best way to ensure that you recover well from an injury is to seek medical attention and follow the doctor’s advice.

It is not only critical for your well-being, but it also helps you prove your injuries. Often, insurance companies use delays or gaps in medical treatment to challenge a person’s injuries and say that they are liars. By getting immediate medical treatment and follow-up treatment, you can prove your injuries better.

Tell Your Insurance Provider About The Incident

Another important thing to do after a motorbike accident is to contact your insurance provider and tell everything. Make sure to never admit the fault and don’t be afraid to not answer certain questions. You just have to convey the basic information of the accident for their records.

When they ask questions about vehicular damage or personal injuries, tell them that you’ll provide the information once you see the mechanic or doctor. Don’t underestimate your damages; it might keep you from getting fair compensation for your loss.

Seek Legal Guidance

After an accident, you might find yourself in such a stressful situation that you are ready to settle at ‘any’ compensation amount, whether it is adequate or not. You want to get the coverage as soon as possible, so you try to sort the things on your own.

However, insurance companies could take it to their advantage. They will leave no stone unturned to make you agree on the compensation they offer. They will try their best to settle the claim with a small amount as possible.

This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in! Whether you need to prove the fault of opposite driver or get more compensation for your loss, an attorney is your best friend. They will help you navigate the communication between the at-fault driver and the police.

They know how to use the evidence to prove your innocence or how to represent you in the court. This way, they help you get the right compensation for your damaged motorbike and injuries.


These are the five important things to do immediately after a motorbike accident. Never admit your fault just because you were involved in the accident. If you think that you could have avoided the accident, the opposite driver might use the words of fault against you.