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5 Things Pro Photographers Should Know About Flying Drones

Know About Flying Drones

Learn to fly your drone with help. Book an studio for drones photography in Austin, get certified, acquire a waiver, and more.

The right tools help you achieve better results. If you’re excited about adding a drone to your kit, though, make sure you know how to use this properly. Rushing headlong into a buying a drone without fully understanding what it can do, how to use it, and more is a recipe for disaster. Here are five things pro photographers like you should know before you own a drone.

You’ll Need to Get Certified

If you use the drone for commercial purposes, then you’ll need to have a commercial drone certification form the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). That means you’ll need to study online courses to prepare you for the Part 107 certification exam. If you don’t make any profit out of your drone photography in Austin , though, then you’ll need to read up on the section 336 instead.

Know About Flying Drones

You Must Get a Waiver

If you’re plan to fly your drone at night, you’ll need to get a waiver. Whether you’re shooting for a wedding video or capturing scenes for a movie, if you’re going to film at night, you must remember to apply for a waiver. That waiver exempts you from this rule. However, the process can be a little lengthy and time consuming, so it’s best to apply for that waiver ahead of time.

You Should Play with the Flight Modes

One way that experts are getting those unique shots is by playing around with the bevy of flight modes that drones come from. You don’t want to take chances with your drone, though. That means reviewing the manual thoroughly before you get started on anything. Know how to keep the drone safe all while using it to get the perfect shot.

You Need the Right Drone

Not all drones are created equal. That means some brands and models are much better than others. However, your choice shouldn’t be based on which drones offer the most advanced features. Instead, consider the needs of your clients and projects. Having difficulty picking the ideal drone? All of your drone-related needs can be met by The Drone Genius.

Think about the usual photography services you’ll want to perform? Shop for a drone based on that information. Don’t forget to check out reviews from other buyers. Going over feedback can help you determine which brands should be taken off your list and which ones deserve a second or third look from you.

You Should Hire a Professional 

Drones cost money. If you want to know the possibilities of what you can do with a drone in your work, then look for a studio that offers drone photography in Austin. Watch a master at work. That will teach you so much about the right techniques, how to make sure you don’t wreck the drone on your first try, how to keep it safe, and how to master the equipment to the point that you’ll forget you’re even flying a drone; that you’ll be so familiar with the equipment already you only focus on how to take and capture excellent shots. Aspire to that level of competency and talent. Start by signing up for a studio shoot with an expert.