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If you are going through a divorce, you will want to find the best divorce lawyer to represent you. After all, failure to work with the right divorce attorney could be costly and cumbersome, which could worsen the devastating divorce moment. Thus, this brings in the question; how do you get to choose the right divorce lawyer given the lots of attorneys for you to hire? Below is a guide that will give you some tips on the qualities of the best divorce lawyer in Brampton. Read on.


1. Look for someone with the relevant experience and certifications

You will want to work with the best or right divorce lawyer in Singapore to ensure that your needs are catered for. For this reason, look for an attorney who specializes in divorce cases. Moreover, seek to know the number of years the lawyer has been practicing family law, the number of divorce cases he/she has ever handled, and whether he/she is a certified divorce lawyer. On that note, settle for a divorce lawyer who has worked on many divorce cases, especially cases similar to yours.

2. Opt for a divorce lawyer you can trust

As you might know, divorce processes involve revealing the deepest secrets of your marriage, more importantly, if your partner can use such secrets against you. Therefore, choose to work with a divorce lawyer whom you can trust or an attorney you are comfortable opening up to. To get such an attorney, you could consider their approach and see if your lawyer adopts a caring and empathetic approach since he/she ought to adopt such behaviors in the case.

3. Work with a divorce lawyer who is well versed with your preferred divorce process

There are different kinds of divorce processes to cater for the needs of different couples. As a result, it is worth it to know the route your case will take ahead of time so that you can work with a divorce lawyer in Singapore who is well versed with the process you will take. On that note, get to know the resolution options you have ahead of time. Such options include collaborative divorce, litigation, cooperative divorce, or mediation.

If your partner is willing to cooperate, you could opt for a cooperative divorce, so opt for a divorce attorney who is conversant with the collaborative law. On the other hand, if you and your partner dispute every issue, you might want to adopt the negotiation or litigation methods of getting a divorce. Therefore opt to work with an attorney who is well versed with these processes.


4. You will want to work with a divorce lawyer who charges reasonable prices

Well, some people believe that the best divorce lawyers are attorneys who charge higher rates. However, this is not always the case. Some lawyers could charge high rates because of more experience and a high success rate in their cases. However, note that all attorneys are not the

same. Therefore, request a sitting with the divorce attorney so that he/she can break down the costs for you to determine if they are reasonable. While working on a tight budget, you could request your divorce lawyer to create a flexible payment option so that you can afford his/her representation.

5. Remember, the gender of the attorney should not be a deciding factor

This could possibly not apply to you, but some people believe that if you are a man, the best representation can only be with a male attorney and vice versa. Well, this is just an assumption. Instead of making your hiring decision based on gender, find a dependable and competent divorce lawyer in Singapore who will understand your worries and fight for your best interests.


Working with the right divorce attorney is the key to a faster, less expensive, and successful divorce settlement. Therefore, utilize the tips discussed in this article when looking for a divorce lawyer so that you can get the right representation to help you fight for your rights.