Eicher 548 is Highly Efficient Tractor For Farming Fields

Eicher 548 is Highly Efficient Tractor For Farming Fields

Eicher 548 is one of the best tractor models of the Eicher brand. It has all the innovative features for productivity farming. Eicher company is the most popular and oldest tractor brand in India. They manufactured all new and refreshing farm equipment and a respected mark of faith in different parts of the World. They provide cost-effective and expert farm machines equipped with some of the innovative global technology. Eicher 548 is one of them. 

Eicher 548 is synonymous with ruggedness and reliability. It is efficient, economical, and offers performance. 

Why Farmers Preferred Eicher 548 Tractor 

548 Eicher has all the advanced and innovative qualities which are enough for productive farming. It is a 48 hp tractor that includes 3-cylinders engine power. The farm vehicle comes with a 2945 CC engine that generates 2200 engine rated RPM. Oil bath with a pre-cleaner keeps the tractor inner system clean. Besides, a tractor provides high fuel efficiency, high torque backup, stylish design, economic mileage, etc. 

Eicher 548 Tractor Features 

  • It has 1300-1400 Kg lifting capacity with ADDC linkage. 
  • With a 45-litre fuel tank, it stays at the field for long hours. 
  • The PTO hp of the model is 40.8. 
  • It comes with oil-immersed brakes/disc brakes (optional) to protect operators from major accidents. 
  • The Eicher tractor price is Rs. 6.10 Lakh – Rs. 6.40 Lakh.