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Five Pandora Rings You Will Love

It seems as though everyone is in love with Pandora rings. Maybe you are even one of them. There are so many wonderful designs in Pandora bracelets and so many different directions you can go with their charms that there is a Pandora Rings and bracelets out there for everyone. You can make a beautiful look with one of their bracelets and even personalize it for an extra special touch.

But bracelets aren’t the only things that Pandora is known for and are far from their only designs. As wonderful and versatile as some of their bracelets are, you’re missing out if you never take the opportunity to investigate Pandora rings as well. Here are five rings from Pandora that you’ll just love. Give them a quick look when you’re shopping for something extra special for yourself.

Crown Ring in Pandora Rose

This is probably the quintessential Pandora ring, and one of the more recognizable out there. Imbued with an unmistakable character and with a little flair that comes with its sterling silver finished with a rose touch, this is a beautiful ring and one that you’ll come back to time and time again to pair with your other special pieces.

It comes with blush pink crystals that match wonderfully to its light, warm rose color and is the perfect type of ring to finish your ensemble, despite its slender character. Besides, if you can’t go about with a crown on your head, you might as well wear one on your finger.

Entwined Ring

This is another wonderful, unforgettable selection from Pandora jewelry that will make its mark on an audience. This statement ring consists of overlapping bands of sterling silver, ornamented with cubic zirconia crystals for a timeless look that can’t be missed. Bright, sparkling, and complex, there is nothing not to love about this ring.

Heart Padlock Ring in Sterling Silver

Another beautiful sterling silver ring, this one makes a statement although it might not be rightly called a statement ring. Slim, slender, and delicate, this ring is an excellent remark on the permanence of love. Most rings are not articulate, and few are as finely finished as this ring in particular. A picture says a thousand words, so take a look.

Tiara Wishbone Ring

If you prefer silver to Pandora rose, then take a look at this timeless Tiara ring, which, like the Crown Ring above, has a distinguished character that shines brightly in any situation. Interestingly asymmetrical, this ring is another way to “crown” your sense of style.

Rose Timeless Elegance Ring

Arguably the most classic ring in this list and appropriately named, this ring makes the most of Pandora rose and is finished by a clear cubic zirconia gemstone that is flanked by smaller chips. Bright, distinct, and timeless, this is a beautiful ring that will pair well with a remarkable number of accessories.

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