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5 Qualities of a Highly Successful Call Center Agent

Call center agents are everything to a service provider. Thus, companies spend a lot of time finding the right candidate for the role of call center agent. The role of the call center agent is to provide excellent customer service. A Call Center in the Philippines aims to deliver exceptional customer service and train their agent to be mindful of their client’s concerns.

So if you’re looking to become a BPO professional, here are a few qualities you should try to inculcate. 

Superior knowledge retention 

 To deliver good customer service, in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the product is important. So an agent should be able to memorize a good amount of information related to a product once they hit the floor. As soon as an agent comes out of training, he or she should be well-versed with products or services, so he or she can provide the necessary information to help customers. 

This is also important because a good understanding of products or services will help to know when an agent can resolve a problem and when to transfer the call to another department. As they spend more time on the job, they should be able to memorize solutions to frequently asked questions and resolve issues fast. If an agent can’t retain information or quickly learn, hiring them could have a bad impact on your support. 

2. Organization

 Call centers are chaos! So agents are expected to be good at multitasking. An agent can be found reading a knowledge base, updating CRM, and doing multiple other things on the floor. Thus, call center agents are expected to be good at organization. 

Being organized is an essential skill, which even top BPO certifications, validate in professionals who aspire to make a long-term career in BPOs. 

3. Resilient

 A call center agent not only handles several calls in a day but he or she interacts with diverse customers. At one point, an agent is speaking to a calm customer and the next he is battling with an irate customer. In these situations, an agent has to act calmly without losing their temper and getting annoyed. 

 While for call center roles, ensure check the temperament of the candidate. People with a calm temperament do well in the call center environment. People who easily lose their wits due to constantly changing circumstances, find adapting to the call center environment extremely challenging. 

4. Amiable 

Call center agents are the front-line employees of a brand. They should ensure a friendly vibe throughout their work. This advocates your brand’s value among customers who tend to relate agents with brands. Call center agents, thus, should maintain an amicable attitude throughout their work. 

You can work on building an amiable attitude by becoming more empathetic and understanding that customers are going through trouble, so agents should be patient while listening to their queries. 

 Additionally, you can take BPO certifications to learn and develop skills to be more empathetic. 

 5. Communication skills

Needless to say, communication skill is the torchbearer of all skills that are required to be a good BPO professional. While this is most necessary for clearly understanding customers’ pain points and providing effective resolution, all aspects of work in a BPO require good communication skills. For instance, communicating with agents in a completely different region who may not understand an accent. So good communication skills are important to thrive in a BPO. 

Well, there you have the five skills required to be an efficient call center agent. If you’re looking to make a long-term career in BPO, you must ensure that you stand high on these skills.