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World Class Dominican Republic Real Estate

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If there is a real estate company in the Dominican Republic that stands out among today’s ads, Sea Horse Ranch is a sure winner. Located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Sea Horse Ranch offers an environment that is just for you.

Dominican Republic Real Estate

Buying or building a home within the Dominican Republic is easy . There are no restrictions for non-nationals to purchase real estate and hold title. The Dominican Republic offers the best real estate opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Sea Horse Ranch is considered the exclusive address. The value of the properties has increased reliably since the project began in 1988.

Using its distinctive resort of oceanfront villas, Sea Horse Ranch can be a competitor. This extraordinary gated community was created by the award-winning architects of Edward Durrell Stone Associates for private, quiet and independent luxury living. With home sites, market villas and villas for vacation or long-term rental, Sea Horse Ranch was created with the environment in mind, demonstrating that its master plan showcases and preserves the natural environment with over 250 exquisite acres of inspiring land.

Clients can decide on the villas that Sea Horse Ranch currently offers available or clients can also build their villa with all the custom options they desire. Upon viewing the villas, they will quickly notice the careful attention to detail and also the quality of construction provided by the architects and builders recommended by Sea Horse Ranch.

As an option, clients can arrange to use them to provide a turnkey product with a guaranteed price and delivery date. Sea Horse Ranch gives you the choice of a layout specially made for the light and wind patterns offered by each residence site.

Raw coral, exotic hardwoods, native and European marbles are just some of the quality building materials available in the Dominican Republic for the distinguished real estate of the Dominican Republic. Italian fixtures, Spanish and Portuguese ceramic tiles, custom ironwork and moldings can be obtained locally at excellent home furnishing stores, making it easy to realize your dream Caribbean real estate.

To maintain Sea Horse Ranch standards and preserve the beauty of the community, certain regulations are followed. By ensuring that these standards are maintained, all owners and visitors will be very happy with their little paradise.

Building requirements include a minimum size (currently 350m2), minimum and maximum ceiling height, and a 1 or 2 story design, except for the navigation front where only one floor is allowed.

Within an environment that is among the best in the Caribbean, Sea Horse Ranch is truly a first class real estate development in the Dominican Republic, where its global audience enjoys all the comforts, rooms and services of the resort, combined with a wonderful coastline and not to mention the huge selection of things to do in the area.

Whether you are a newcomer to the Dominican Republic or know the beauty of this unique island, Sea Horse Ranch unconsciously invites you to discover definitely to locate a luxurious and original Caribbean property of the Dominican Republic has to offer