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5 best email automation tools recommendations abroad

Email marketing is an important part of the marketing process, which means that email campaigns must be used in a targeted and intelligent manner.

When conducting well-designed and correctly used online marketing activities, it can actually increase consumer engagement and improve sales conversion rates.

However, how to use email automation tools correctly is very important. It doesn’t matter which type of email client or email service provider you use, because usually you can generate and send emails through the email marketing software itself.

In addition, email marketing itself is only part of the marketing process. You also need to make sure you have a good landing page, automation marketing tools, and any related sales support tools. This applies whether you are selling your own products/services or conducting affiliate marketing activities.

The best email marketing service

1. Constant Contact


•             Drag and drop tools

•             Automation and scheduling

•             Split test

Constant Contact provides a set of tools for email marketing purposes. E-mails can be easily created using drag and drop tools, and the sender’s contact list can be imported from Outlook, Sales force or by uploading a spreadsheet.

There are other features available, such as email automation and scheduling, as well as surveys and dynamic registration forms that provide feedback. You can also use the account to manage events and social media.

2. Zoho Campaigns


•             Newsletter template

•             Integration method

•             work process

Zoho Campaigns is Zoho’s email marketing platform; the company has provided various software from office suites to CRM to IT help desks.

Zoho Campaigns is part of its sales and marketing service suite and specializes in email campaigns. This is an improved automation marketing tools designed to achieve better communication and conversion.

A key part of it is the various newsletter templates provided, covering everything from seasonal events to Black Friday sales, and are visually attractive to customers.

Another main function is the email workflow for personal automation, which means using a simple drag-and-drop interface to set up automated actions and events, making it easier to handle large events.

3. Free Email Finder

ThisFREE email address finder lets you find email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business. This is bestB2B email automation tools which have no limits of URLs to scrape from.  We have made many SEO automation marketing tools, but this is the first Email Marketing related bot. It is great email finder software that can give you leads. You may also check out Klean Leads.

4. Mail Chimp


•             Mobile app

•             Useful analysis report

•             Free tier

Even if you have never used email marketing software before, you may have heard of Mail Chimp. It was established in 2001 and is a leader in the field, it allows users to create professional marketing emails and send them to the customer database.

Like many other products, there is a built-in design tool that provides a selection of templates that can be edited according to your preferences. You can add elements such as clickable text, graphics, and logos, and if you have the necessary coding skills, you can also design your own email from scratch.

Mail Chimp also does a good job of integration, especially for e-commerce sites. You can link the system to services such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, and Magneto to send targeted product advertising campaigns. After launching the campaign, you can analyze its performance through the reporting function.

5. Vertical Response


•             Simple email design function

•             Investigation function

•             cheap price

Vertical Response aims to provide all the tools needed to ensure the success of email marketing campaigns. It achieves their goals by providing many features including custom template designers, automation, analysis and survey options.

This email automation tools is an easy-to-use template editing tool with drag-and-drop and click functions, which means that the least experienced person can easily set up beautiful email templates.

The most important thing is a variety of automated functions that enable you to use automatic replies and automatic e-mails, or reply to customers immediately via e-mails based on different interactive methods. This can save time and money by providing more communication by reducing setup and management work.

Other automation marketing tools

Free Proxies Scraper & Checker: One of the Best automation marketing tools. It s a simple and effective way to scrape free proxies and also have the ability to filter and check.

Free SEO Stats Checker: Another best automation marketing tool. You can easily check all your SEO stats with this tool. It is a very smart tool for keyword research backlinks downloading for any website.